Things to know about Hyoon aka Aikuros

Hyoon, 28, is an Instagram Influencer, she began posting photos of herself and examples of her animated illustration work in 2014. She drew inspiration from the anime and video games she watched as a child.

It was her drawing that earned her some of the popularity that she now enjoys, as well as the thousands of followers she has amassed across multiple social media platforms and a sizable salary.

Hyoon’s is in her 20’s

Kang Hee Yoon, known by her online alias Aikuros or simply as Hyoon, was born on June 12, 1995, in the United States to parents of Korean ethnicity. While she has not publicly discussed details about her family, it is believed by fans that she is not an only child.

From a young age, Hyoon developed a strong interest in anime and video games. One of her early favorites was the Pokémon series. As she continued to play Pokémon over the years, she also became drawn to other popular video game franchises like Counter-Strike.

Hyoon in her Early Ages
Pic: Hyoon with her blue hair in 2017 (Source: Hyoon’s Instagram)

In addition to gaming, She was attracted to Japanese anime and comics, she began creating costumes and attending cosplay events.

Even as a high school student, Hyoon joined her school’s drama club with aspirations of possibly becoming an actress or model one day.

Hyoon went University of South Carolina

After graduating high school in 2013, Hyoon did not immediately pursue higher education. She took a break from academics to work various jobs that would help support herself financially.

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During her high school years, Hyoon had been actively involved in the drama club. It wasn’t until sometime later that Hyoon decided to enroll at the University of South Carolina. After several years of balancing work and studies, she ultimately obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the university.

The summer immediately following her high school graduation in 2013, Hyoon launched an Instagram account.

Hyoon began her Career in 2004

Hyoon’s career traces back to August 2014, when she launched an Instagram profile primarily as a place to showcase her illustrations and artwork. Her first posts featured drawings of popular anime characters like Kageyama.

Later, She collaborated frequently with another burgeoning Instagram illustrator named Israseyd. Together their anime-inspired artwork and recognizable aesthetic attracted substantial online followings.

As Hyoon’s digital illustrations, cosplay photos, and personal pictures continued enthralling ever-larger audiences, she began work with talent management firm Nani Talent.

Presently across Instagram and Twitter, where she posts under @floaromaa, Hyoon has over 1 million collective followers. An eponymous YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and animated content has garnered 26.1K subscribers. She recently uploaded her first Vlog saying “I finally filmed my first vlog..

On the popular streaming platform Twitch, live streams of Hyoon gaming, creating illustrations, and engaging fans have produced 144K followers thus far.

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Hyoon’s most popular Twitch categories are Pokemon-related streams. However, she also routinely plays other games like Animal Crossing for her dedicated subscriber base. She once peaked at nearly 7K simultaneous viewers during a July 2019 Pokemon broadcast.

Beyond gaming streams, Hyoon interacts with followers through frequent TikTok videos, tweets, and “Just Chatting” streams.

Hyoon is a Pet Mom

Hyoon is a devoted pet lover. She has owned a dog, hamster, and cat over the years. She frequently shares glimpses of these beloved pets across her social media profiles.

Hyoon with her Dog
Pic: Hyoon with her beloved pet dog (Source: Hyoon’s Instagram)

Sadly in September 2019, her hamster named Kuma unfortunately passed away. Hyoon memorialized Kuma and the joy this hamster brought her in a heartfelt tribute on social media.

the lack of small sounds in my room makes it feel so empty without you here anymore
i will miss you dearly, i hope you’re munching away on all of the sunflower seeds in the world and climbing on everything like you loved to do while you were around, kuma i hope you had a happy life

She said