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Who is Hyoon? Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Family, Net worth, No Makeup Photo, Height

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It was on Instagram, where Hyoon got her start as a social media star, that she began posting photos of her and examples of her animated illustration work in 2014. She drew inspiration from the anime and video games she watched as a child. It was her drawing that earned her some of the popularity that she now enjoys, as well as the thousands of followers she has amassed across multiple social media platforms and a sizable salary.

Hyoon Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early life

She was born an American. But her Ethnicity is Korean. Hyon, whose real name is Kang Hee Yoon, is also known as Aikuros online. She was born on 12 June 1995 to Korean parents, and she turned 26 on her birthday in 2021.

She has been extremely tight-lipped about her family and siblings, although her fans believe she is not an only child. Sometimes, the path to one’s future lies inhabits that they had as a child.

Many times, parents pay attention to their children and try to encourage their early talents, while in other cases, the habits just endure long enough into adulthood and become an income stream for said child. The latter was the case for Hyoon, who fell in love with video games at an early age and has continued to enjoy them until now, which is one of the reasons why she is so popular nowadays.

In addition to getting attached to video games, she also developed a love for animes, and in her early teenage years, she became interested in doing cosplay and started attending cosplay events. But, there isn’t much information about her family.

One of her favorite video games is “Pokemon”, which she liked from when she was younger. As she continued to play “Pokemon”, she developed a love for other games, including “Counter-Strike”.

While attending high school, she joined the drama club with the hopes of becoming a famous actress or model, a dream that she has not realized. After leaving high school in 2013, she did not immediately go to college, preferring instead to get a job to support herself. In August 2014, Hyoon officially started her Instagram account to share her drawings.

Hyoon Boyfriend and What about her relationship?

The lady is neither married nor dating someone.

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She is completely single and does not have a boyfriend

Hyoon Net Worth, How much does she earn?

Hyoon has a net worth of around ($500,000). Hyoon lives a luxurious life.

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Which school and college did she go to? What was her major?

After completing high school, she took a break from education to get a job to support herself, but she eventually returned to school and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree.

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Hyoon Career, What is her profession?

As previously stated, Hyoon’s career on social media started in August 2014 when she first created her Instagram page. On Instagram, she shared pictures of her illustrations alongside photos of herself. Instagram is a photo-sharing site that has helped several people to achieve fame and money. For Hyoon, the story is the same as she quickly built a large following of people who admire her art and her personality.

After she started her career as a professional illustrator, the demand got too much for her to handle, and she became tired of drawing all the time, which led to problems fulfilling people’s orders. She suspended her professional illustration business and converted her Instagram page to a personal page. She still shares pictures of her illustrations from time to time.

She currently has 415 thousand followers on Instagram, where she currently shares pictures of herself in different poses, and creative cosplay looks thanks to her love for anime. After successfully building a following on Instagram, Hyoon turned to YouTube. She created an account named “hyoon”, and it now has 5.63 thousand subscribers and one three-minute video. The social media celeb shared the video nine months ago and hasn’t shared a new video after then.

In 2014, Hyoon launched several channels on social media, including her Twitch account, which she created on 18 January 2014.

She has been consistent with all her social media accounts, including Twitch, where she has gotten 144 thousand followers so far. Her most-streamed categories are several versions of the Pokemon game and a category called “Just Chatting”, where she shows off her drawings and talks to fans about ordinary things going on in her life.

Hyoon has hundreds of videos on her Twitch account, but unlike her fellow streamers, she does not stream all the time.

Instead, she streams once every other day, and it is assumed that she can do this because she has a job outside social media, where she also earns a substantial amount of money. On Twitch, Hyoon has spent over 1000 hours streaming and has over two million combined views on all her live streams.

She reached a peak on 12 July 2019 when she amassed 6,903 viewers on one live stream. This achievement remains her best so far. On average, Hyoon attracts two thousand people to her live streams, and she streams for an average of five hours each week. Apart from playing “Pokemon” and chatting with fans, she also plays the wildly popular game “Animal Crossing”, which worked to amuse people while several countries were in lockdown in 2020 and much of 2021.

Before Hyoon ever became a star on Instagram or Twitch, she had a Twitter page that she created in 2012. When she achieved fame, though, her Twitter page also blew up, and now, she has 273 thousand followers on the social media page.

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She is very active on Twitter, and she tweets several times every day and occasionally shares pictures of her favorite anime characters. She is on Twitter as @floaromaa. Like every other social media star right now, Hyoon is also active on TikTok, with 108 thousand followers and almost 500 thousand likes on posts that include pictures of herself and her illustrations.

Is Hyoon available on any kind of social media platform?

Hyoon is available on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

She has over 100k followers in her TikTok account. She has over 300k followers on her Twitter account. She has over 450k followers in her Instagram account.

Hyoon Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height5feet 3 inch
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Body Shape       Fit
Weight127 lbs
Sexuality            Straight

Interesting facts about Hyoon which you should be known about.

Age26 years
Zodiac signN/A
Relationship StatusSingle

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