Kidnapped Angel Lynn, Aged 19, Is she alive? Fell from van, Family and Parents

angel lynn

Angel Lynn is a teenager. The family of a teen who lives in “continuous pain” after falling from a van at 60 miles per hour has slammed her kidnapper boyfriend’s “short” sentence. Angel Lynn was bundled into a van and got injuries On September 27, 2020, Angel Lynn, 19, was forced into the back of a … Read more

Who is Chris Whitty? Man Jailed for Harrashig Him, Meet His Wife Family, Age

jonathan chew

A YOB who has assaulted Sir Chris Whitty in the park has been put behind the bars for eight weeks and also chanted a football song as he was sent to prison. What Happened to Chris Whitty? Jonathan Chew age 24 has admitted that he drunkenly accosted England’s chief medical officer at the St James’ … Read more

Who is Jonathan Chew? Sentenced to jail, Aged 24, Meet his Wife Family

jonathan chew

Jonathan Chew has been identified as the YOB who attacked Sir Chris Whitty in a park. As he was led to the cells, he chanted a football song. Jonathan Chew- Sentenced to jail Jonathan Chew admitted to drunkenly harassing England’s chief medical officer at St James’ Park in June of last year, at the peak … Read more

Who is Elena Anghel? David Mario Lazar Grandmother Arrested, Everything

elena anghel

Elena Anghel is a grandmother who has been detained by the Mental Health Act after her five-year-old grandson, David Mario Lazar was found dead in his home at Coventry, West Mids. What Did Elena Anghel did? Elena Anghel was detained by the mental health authorities after her five-year-old grandson David Mario Lazar was found dead … Read more

Who is David Mario Lazar? Died from stab wound in Coventry, Grand Mother Arrested, Age, Mother, Father and Family

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David Mario Lazar was five years old young kid. The death news of this young child has just been widely circulated. Everyone is concerned about her killer and his family members at the moment. David Mario Lazar was stabbed by his grandmother Elena Anghel, 49, was arrested under the Mental Health Act when David-Mario Lazar … Read more

Texas Home Raid 3: Who was Roymellow Williams? NBA YoungBoy, Age, Family, Arrested

roymellow williams

Roymellow Williams was one of three people arrested during SWAT officers raided NBA Youngboy from the Texas home of Rap star NBA YoungBoy on Jan 25, 2022. Whether these men were in any way connected to YoungBoy is unclear SWAT Raid At Rapper’s House The swat team raided the Texas home owned by the NBA … Read more

Who is Carleon Gallien?

carleon gallien

Carleon Gallien, NBA Young Boy is a rapper from the United States whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He was arrested in November in Utah while awaiting trial on weapons-related crimes. The rapper was previously released from jail after posting a $500,000 bond in October. The SWAT Team executed a search warrant at NBA … Read more

Rhone Talsma Age, Gay Rumours, Is he married? Family, Net worth, Biography

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Rhone Talsma, a Chicago librarian, won the Jeopardy championship, halting Amy Schneider’s seven-game winning streak, which was second only to Ken Jennings. Rhone Talsma marked the end of game show history by ending Amy Schneider’s 40-day streak. Jeopardy! ” has a new champion Jeopardy! ” has a new champion, and he hails from Chicago. Rhone … Read more

Who is Rhone Talsma? Is he Gay? Everything on his Partner, Age, Wife, Net worth, Family

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A Chicago librarian Rhone Talsma won the Jeopardy championship, ending Amy Schneider’s record streak of seven consecutive wins, second only to Ken Jennings. Rhone Talsma, who ended Amy Schneider’s 40-day streak as the end of game show history. Is Rhone Talsma Gay? Rhone Talsma ended Amy Schneider’s 40-day winning record, making him the new champion … Read more

Who is Jim Terrell Lattner? Got Murdered, Death Cause, Age, Parents, Wiki

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In Warren, Jim Terrell Lattner and his girlfriend Julii L Johnson shared a home. They’d been dating for about a year and a half. He had a criminal record that included narcotics convictions. She was going to leave the residence at 7:30 a.m. on January 13, 2017, when she was murdered. Outside their Warre home, … Read more