Tabyana Ali Wiki: From Age To Personal Life Details – Parents & Boyfriend!

Tabyana Ali was born on January 28, 2002 (age 21 years old) and is most recognized for portraying the role of Trina Robinson in the series General Hospital. She is a rising American actress who has impressed her audiences and superiors with her excellent acting skills.

Take a look at her family background, her writing and short film projects, and her recent role as Trina Robinson on General Hospital.

Tabyana Ali made her debut on the show, Win, Lose, Draw

Tabyana made her first appearance on television as a participant in the program Win, Lose, or Draw in 2014. She has contributed to numerous TV shows and films including A Child Named Mayonnaise, Line of Duty, and Stuck Together.

Tabyana Ali works as a voice actress as well in addition to being an actress

Tatyana Ali has also contributed her voice to the TV show Shimmer and Shine as Leelee, a character. The comedy-drama Empire Waist, which is being directed by Claire Ayoub, is her forthcoming work.

Tabyana Ali has written short-film and books on her own

Tabyana Ali is a well-known author of “My Flower Child,” and has also written the short film “Before It’s Too Late.” The book celebrates the unique bond between a mother and daughter, regardless of their ages. Ali’s dedication in the book honors all mothers and daughters.

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Tabyana Ali’s father is the president of Solarator Electric

Darryl Ford is the father of Tabyana. He is the CEO of Solarator Electric LLC. The company provides full-service electrical contracting. He had previously worked for Fairchild as an airplane manufacturer. Ford graduated from East Central High School with a diploma.

Tabyana Ali Father

In terms of his private life, he got married on August 23, 2003, after he got divorced from Tabyana’s mother Jacquline.

Tabyana Ali and her mom, Jacqueline shares a really great bond

Jacqueline Moszee Ford, who is in her early sixties, celebrates her 62nd birthday on March 19th this year. She holds the position of managing partner and director at TJ Posh Travel Agency, which was established as a domestic limited liability company on November 17, 2015. Additionally, she works with her second daughter, Morgan, at Refined Touch Aesthetics and Wellness. When she’s not working, Moszee enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, traveling, and listening to music.

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She proudly identifies herself as the mother of General Hospital star Tabyana Ali on her Instagram account and is known for her love of the show. Mrs. Moszee frequently shares posts about the program on her Facebook and Instagram pages, making her one of the show’s most enthusiastic fans.

Tabyana Ali has two siblings

Mike Moszee and Morgan Millsap are Tabyana Ali’s half-brother and full-sister. All three siblings have the same mom however, Mike Moszee is the son of Robert Moszee and Tabyana’s mom. 

Tabyana Ali Sister

Morgan Millsap Tabyana’s older sister is a trained registered nurse anesthetist by profession whereas Mike her stepbrother began working in August 2018 at the shopping and retail complex H-E-B Super Regional Warehouse.

Mike Moszee is the stepbrother of Tabyana Ali

Mike, the stepbrother of Tabyana Ali, began working in August 2018 at the shopping and retail complex H-E-B Super Regional Warehouse. Compared to the General Hospital celebrity, Mike is older.

Every year on March 22, he observes his birthday. Mike graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word. Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio was his previous school.

Tabyana Ali grew up with her step-siblings

Darryl Ford and Jacqueline Moszee Ford, Tabyana Ali’s parents, are divorced. Tabyana grew up with her stepbrother Mike Moszee and sister Morgan Millsap.

Tabyana’s mother and father divorced, and the situation even led to the actress experiencing despair. Ali thinks that her acting profession, writing, and poetry helped her recover from the incident.

In the end, they remained friends even though her guardian couldn’t save their relationship. The kids, the ex-couple, and their guardians and stepfather get along nicely.

Tabyana Ali replaced actress Sydney Mikayla’s role as Trina Robinson in the series General Hospital

Let’s discuss Tabyana’s employment on the show without mentioning it first. Following Sydney Mikayla’s decision to quit the show on March 4, 2022, Ali was given the part of Trina Robinson.

The first episode of Tabyana aired on March 25, 2022. She had, however, submitted an application for the show back in April 2019. The role was played by actress Tiana Le in recurring episodes the year before.

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The “General Hospital” production staff began looking for an actress to portray the role frequently. Ali, Mikayla, and two other girls appeared at the audition, and Mikayla was chosen for the part.

Tabyana was and still is ecstatic to be a part of the program she has been hearing about since she was a young child. She claims that she inherited her aunts’, mother’s, and grandmothers’ love of soap operas from them. She was exposed to Luke and Laura’s tales as a child.

Not in real life! Tabyana Ali and Maurice Benard Relationship on General Hospital

Tabyana Ali (Trina Robinson), her character on General Hospital, has become part of the latest super-couple on the iconic daytime soap opera. However, while their love story may be fictional, the impact it has had on audiences is very real. The portrayal of a young, Black couple in a romantic storyline is a rarity in the soap opera genre, and the positive response from fans has been overwhelming.

Maurice Benard, a veteran actor on General Hospital, recently discussed the Sprina storyline with Ali on his State of Mind podcast. He praised the chemistry between the two actors and compared their popularity to his own character’s romance with Brenda, played by Vanessa Marcil, in the 90s.

“There’s not a lot of young couples that hit like that,”

Tabyana Ali as Trina Robinson and Nicholas Chavez as Spencer Cassadine

Ali expressed her gratitude for being given the opportunity to be part of such an iconic romance in daytime soaps, especially as a Black woman. Historically, many of the most famous romances on General Hospital have been between white couples, and the representation of diverse love stories on television is crucial.

“I feel lucky to be in this position,” Ali told him. “Especially for someone who looks like me,”

Benard noted that GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, has been instrumental in hiring a lot of African-American actors, which has helped to diversify the show’s cast. Ali believes that this representation means a great deal to young girls who look like her and that the comments and support she has received from fans have been heartwarming.

“hiring a lot of African-American actors.” 

Tabyana Ali is a Social Butterfly

Tabyana is an active social media user. She is often seen sharing her regular days on her social media handles. She is on Instagram as @tabyanali with 13.1k+ followers and she has 4k+ followers on Twitter.