Who Is Emer Heatley? 5 Things to Know About the Stonehouse Actress

Emer Heatley is the breakout star of ITV’s hit series Stonehouse where she plays Sheila Buckley. A recent graduate of Bristol Old Vic. Heatley is a relative newcomer to the screen with only one other credit to her name, that being the role of PC Cutts in the recent crime drama Showtrial.

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Stonehouse is this three-part drama that follows the life and times of disgraced Labour politician John Stonehouse, a high-flying minister of Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s government who vanished from the beach of a large luxury hotel in Florida in November 1974, leaving a neatly-folded pile of clothes as he swam into the sea, intent on faking his own death.

Moreover, Her Recent theatre credits include the original audio theatre production, ‘I Feel You Apart From Me’ at Dublin Fringe 2021.

Quick Info

Full Real Birth NameEmer Heatley
Famous ForNew ITV series Stone house
Age18-28 years old
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Current ResidenceBritain
Highest QualificationGraduate
School1. National Youth Theatre
2. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
UniversityTrinity College Dublin
Social MediaInstagram

Emer Heatley’s Early Life and Education

Emer is a British and Irish actress. She is believed to be between 18-28 years old. Moreover, She is graduated with First Class Honours in English Literature from Trinity College Dublin and trained at the National Youth Theatre and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

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She Gained Recognition from her role in Stonehouse

In the captivating 2023 ITV drama series Stonehouse, viewers are introduced to the remarkable performance of Emer, an immensely talented English actress. She takes on the pivotal role of Sheila Buckley, a character inspired by a real-life individual who shared a profound connection with John Stonehouse, an MP during the tumultuous year of 1974.

Within this gripping storyline, Emer portrays the character of Sheila Buckley, a 29-year-old woman who becomes intricately entwined with the life of John Stonehouse. Initially, John grapples with accepting Sheila as his life partner, but as the narrative unfolds, their bond deepens, and he ultimately marries her, mirroring the events that unfolded in reality. Sheila begins her journey as John’s secretary, but as the tale progresses, it becomes evident that John has developed genuine feelings for her.

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Despite leading a contented life with his wife and three children, John’s world takes a drastic turn when he faces accusations of espionage involving Czech individuals. Driven by desperation, he makes the audacious decision to stage his own demise, embarking on a new existence alongside his devoted secretary, Sheila.

The dramatic culmination of John’s disappearance occurs when he discards his clothes on the sandy shores of Miami and ventures into the vast expanse of the ocean. However, fate intervenes just a month later, as he is apprehended in Australia, where he had been residing incognito with Sheila, assuming new identities in their quest for a fresh start.

Emer Heatley is in a relationship with Paul Tester

As per her Instagram, Emer Heatley seems to be in a relationship with Paul Tester. He is Commissioning Editor at  Paramount.

Emer Heatley Boyfriend

However, Paul’s Instagram is private. we cannot provide detailed information regarding him right now. Moreover, Paul Testar is known for The Serpent (2021), The Tower (2021), and The Madame Blanc Mysteries (2021).

Emer Heatley is a Voiceover artist

According to voice123.com, Emer is a skilled and flexible professional actor who has the necessary equipment at home to produce high-quality audio. She works quickly and can meet the requirements of your project. Her natural voice has a warm and smoky tone, with a classic RP accent. Since she has Irish heritage, she enjoys working with Northern and Southern Irish dialects as well.

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She offers the option of doing a live recording session with you through Zoom or communicating through email, WhatsApp, and other means.

In terms of her skills and services, she is fluent in both English and British accents. Additionally, she can comfortably portray female characters of different age groups, including young adults, adults, and teenagers.

She seems to be active on the social media sites such as Instagram where she has 676+ followers with 6 posts.