Eleanor Neale Wiki: From Age To Personal Life Details – Boyfriend & Weight Loss

Eleanor Neale is a well-known British YouTuber who is famous for creating content related to real-life crime cases. She is a prominent YouTuber who has built a large following due to her compelling content on true crime cases.

Her YouTube channel is dedicated to narrating many mysterious crime cases from all around the world. Additionally, she has another YouTube channel, where she posts fun content such as her moments with friends, Q&As, and other entertaining videos.

Let’s discover unheard things about Eleanor Neale, the British YouTuber who has captivated a massive audience with her compelling content on true crime cases.

Eleanor Neale is 24 years old as of 2023

Eleanor Neale is a 24 years old young lady who was born on January 24, 1999. She is a Ukrainian-British girl.

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Her mother is often seen in her youtube videos on her second channel where she shares lighthearted content featuring herself, her family, friends, and loved ones.

Eleanor Neale revealed that she has a boyfriend

Eleanor Neale announced on her YouTube channel on February 14 that she has a boyfriend, who happens to be a well-known personality, Jack Manifold, a Twitch streamer. The video, titled “I have a boyfriend and He’s real,” took her supporters by surprise. In a similar vein, Jack Manifold uploaded a video titled “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND” on February 21, 2023, which further thrilled their fans.

Eleanor Neale Boyfriend Jack Manifold

In the video, Eleanor introduces Jack to her audience at around the 13-minute and 56-second mark. The couple first met in June at a friend’s birthday celebration, but their romance did not blossom right away as they spent several months apart. Despite a 3-year age difference, their relationship has garnered support from their followers. It’s worth noting that Jack has been part of the Dream SMP since 2020.

Eleanor’s boyfriend Jack is a twitch streamer

Since 2019, Jack has been regularly streaming on his Twitch channel, which he has now amassed almost 2 million followers, under the name “JackManifoldTV.” Prior to this, he had been on the platform under the pseudonym “THUNDER1408,” before ultimately deciding to use his real name. Initially, Jack’s channel focused on broadcasting Minecraft videos, but he has since expanded his repertoire to include a variety of content.

These days, Jack’s channel includes Roblox gameplay, ghost-hunting movie watch parties, and reactions to TikTok videos. His recent streams have also included popular games such as Just Talking, Phasmophobia, and Arizona Sunshine. Additionally, Jack sometimes collaborates with other well-known online streamers, including Tubbo and TommyInnit.

Jack also maintains a YouTube channel with 432,000 subscribers, where he uploads highlights from his Twitch streams. He has uploaded 176 videos up until now on his youtube channel. He has become well-known online for his adept gaming skills and entertaining personality, which have earned him a dedicated following. Interestingly, Jack’s brother Josh is also a famous online personality, further solidifying the family’s presence in the online world.

Eleanor Neale weight loss transformation

For quite some time, fans have been discussing the weight loss of popular personality Eleanor Neale. Finally, on December 9, 2022, Eleanor decided to address this matter herself and revealed her unexpected transformation in a video.

Eleanor started the video by opening up about her struggle with mental health in the early months of the previous year. She spoke candidly about how she felt unhappy and unhealthy during that time. However, she revealed that she is in a much better place now, both physically and mentally.

Eleanor then spoke about her dramatic physical transformation, sharing that she has lost almost 20 kilograms in weight, resulting in loose skin. She acknowledged that she might need to undergo certain procedures to repair it.

Eleanor Neale Weight loss

However, she was also clear that she was still on a journey and that she was still learning how to be happy and healthy.

She revealed that she adopted a healthier lifestyle by making changes to her diet and exercise routine. Specifically, she ate less junk food and made time each day for exercise and diet programs. These changes allowed her to achieve significant weight loss.

However, Eleanor also acknowledged that discussing specific weight loss strategies can be a sensitive topic for some people. Therefore, she chose to restrain herself from sharing the details of her specific weight loss strategy online.

Eleanor Neale has two YouTube channels

Eleanor Neale is a popular British Youtuber. For those who aren’t familiar with her work, Eleanor Neale is known for her crime case narrations on her eponymous channel. she has over 2.51M+ subscribers on her Main Channel where she has shared 235 videos to date.

Alternatively, some may recognize her from her secondary channel, Ellie Neale, where she shares lighthearted content featuring herself, her family, friends, and loved ones. Ellie Neale has amassed a following of 172K subscribers where she has shared 29 videos to date.

Eleanor Neale’s most viewed Video on her youtube channels

Her most viewed video on her Main youtube channel is, “The Becky Watts Case,” which has gained 6.1 million views. In her videos, she discusses several notorious incidents, including the “Hello Kitty” and “The Junko Furuta” cases. Eleanor has gained a reputation for being a skilled storyteller and presenting her content in an insightful and compassionate way.

Likewise, on her second channel, her most viewed video has 302K views. The video is titled “leaving youtube & weight loss” where she talked about taking a youtube break and her weight loss journey, insecurities, surgery, lip filler, and the fact she potentially has ADHD.

Eleanor Neale has 200k+ followers on her Instagram

Eleanor Neale has become a sensation on social media, earning praise for her dedicated approach to creating engaging content, as well as her stunning beauty, fashion sense, and lifestyle. Her daily updates and experiences have captivated the interest of numerous followers who keep up with her on various platforms.

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On Instagram, where she is known as @eleanorneale, she has amassed an impressive following of 283k fans who are treated to a visually pleasing feed showcasing her joyful moments. Additionally, Eleanor follows 889 individuals back, further demonstrating her connection to her followers.