Everything on interior designer Nate Berkus and his Gay Partner, Look at his Personal Life

Nate Berkus is an American interior designer, author, and television personality who has become a household name in the world of interior design.

He has gained fame through his television shows, books, and appearances on talk shows, where he shares his design expertise and advice with audiences all over the world.

Nate Berkus used to rearrange the furniture in his mother’s house when he was a child

Nate Berkus was born on September 17, 1971, in Orange County, California. He grew up in Minnesota with his parents. Nate’s passion for design began when he was a child, and he spent his childhood rearranging the furniture in his mother’s house.

Nate Berkus’s Father is a co-founder of the National Sports Collectors Convention

Berkus grew up in a Jewish family, his father Michael A. Berkus was the co-founder of the National Sports Collectors Convention which is an annual trade show held in the United States devoted to sports memorabilia.

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sadly, his father Michael Berkus passed away on November 20, 2015, at his home in Villa Park, California at the age of 69 due to Brain cancer. Michael was survived by his second wife Sher Berkus, and his sons, Nate, Jesse, and daughter Marni Berkus. He also had a sister named Vicky Berkus.

Nate Berkus paid an emotional tribute to his late Father

Emotional Nate Shared a post on his Instagram with a picture of him and his father on his wedding day and wrote:

Last week my father, Michael Berkus, lost a short-lived battle with brain cancer. He was the most generous and funny man and my stepmother and brothers are devastated. This picture of us was taken at my wedding to @jeremiahbrent in May 2014, he was the only one who could make me laugh when I was as nervous as I was on that special day.

Source: Instagram

Nancy Golden is Nate Berkus’s Birth Mother

Many people assumed that Nate is the son of Sher Berkus. However, Sher Berkus is the second wife of his Father and not his mother. His Mother is Nancy Golden who is a well-known designer and is particularly famous for multiple series on HGTV and DIY Network.

Nate Berkus Parents

Nate parents divorced in 1973 when Nate was only 2 years old. His father got married to Sher Berkus when they separated. Nate’s Father and his stepmom had an age difference of 29 years.

Nate Berkus Went to a Boarding School

Instead of attending a traditional high school, Nate Berkus studied at Cushing Academy, a boarding school located in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

Upon completing his high school education, Nate Berkus immediately immersed himself in the field of design and obtained internships at Dominique Aurientis in Paris and Leslie Hindman in Chicago.

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Following his time at these institutions, he went on to earn dual degrees in French and Sociology from Lake Forest College in 1994. The following year, in 1995, he founded his own firm, Nate Berkus Associates, which was headquartered in Chicago.

Berkus’ Smile is a Hallmark of His Personal Brand

Berkus, a well-known interior designer, has openly discussed his oral health and his signature smile in various interviews. In a previous conversation with Dear Doctor magazine, he shared his views on dentistry and oral hygiene, as well as his pride in his natural and flawless smile.

Unlike many people in the public eye, Berkus has never undergone cosmetic dental procedures such as braces, veneers, or orthodontic treatments to perfect his teeth. However, he attributes the medical care he received as a child from Dr. William Wagnild, his childhood dentist, to his healthy teeth. Berkus expressed gratitude for receiving fluoride treatments and sealants during his youth, which helped him maintain his dental health.

To maintain his bright and dazzling smile, Berkus brushes his teeth twice a day and occasionally even three times a day. Although he had previously whitened his teeth, he ultimately decided that his natural tooth color and smile were more important to him. Berkus believes that his natural smile is a reflection of his authentic self and has become a hallmark of his personal brand.

Nate Berkus has had multiple plastic surgeries

Nate Berkus may have undergone non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as botox or fillers on his forehead, cheeks, and undereye areas. The trend of using injectable fillers and botox to minimize wrinkles and lines has grown in popularity, particularly among public figures. Injectable cosmetic procedures, including fillers and botox, are less invasive alternatives to surgical procedures.

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While fillers are used to restore volume in areas where aging has caused volume loss, botox works by temporarily paralyzing underlying muscles, making it effective in treating dynamic lines and wrinkles on the face. While Berkus has not openly acknowledged undergoing any of these procedures, his facial features suggest that he may have.

Nate Berkus is proud of being gay

Nate Berkus has openly accepted the fact that he is gay. He has said that he didn’t choose to be what he is. in an interview given back on February 8, 2013, while discussing the very personal nature of his book, “NOT CHOOSING” TO BE GAY, Berkus quoted”

 I would never change being gay. I love being gay. I love my life. It’s not something that I would choose to change if I could, but what I meant by that statement was that there’s bigotry, there’s hatred, there’s challenge associated with it. There are children who are committing suicide every day in our country because they’re gay and they’re being bullied for it. No one, I think, would choose to be part of a group that still faces all of that bigotry, all of this hatred, all of these challenges. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen that for myself because I didn’t want to have to face what all of us still face today. However, because I believed that I was born gay, I also felt it was important to live my life in a manner that was positive and respectful and accept that I couldn’t change it about myself and create a life with the knowledge of my sexuality that would be fulfilling and happy.I mean, family is really important to me, but because I’m gay, that doesn’t mean it’s a different priority. I probably will have children. I want to have children. I’ve gone from committed relationship to committed relationship in my life. That’s what works for me.

Source: Interview

Nate Berkus’s Past Relationship with Fernando Bengoechea

Nate Berkus was in a happy relationship with his Photographer partner Fernando Bengoechea. Sadly,

In December of 2004, Nate Berkus and his partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, were on a vacation at a beach resort in Sri Lanka when they were hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Although Berkus survived the ordeal, Bengoechea went missing and was presumed dead. Later, On January 17, 2005, Berkus made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss the tragic experience and the loss of his partner.

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Furthermore, Berkus also revealed that during the period he really connected to a gay fanbase as he came home from the tsunami and Fernando had died. He had received so many different letters from people around the country who either shared with me what they had been through or also, most importantly letters from kids who came out as gay.

Nate Berkus is now married to Jeremiah Brent and has children

Currently, Nate Berkus is married to Jeremiah Brent and they are parents to two children. In April 2013, Berkus proposed to fellow interior designer Jeremiah Brent after dating for almost a year.

Nate Berkus Childrens

On May 4, 2014, they tied the knot in Manhattan. Their daughter, Poppy Brent-Berkus, was born on March 23, 2015, and their son, Oskar Michael Brent-Berkus, was born on March 26, 2018, both through surrogacy. They reside in Manhattan as a family.

He has a million Followers

Nate Berkus has an Instagram handle, @nateberkus with 1.6 million followers. His Instagram content is in general about his work, family, and his love life.

Nate has his own fabric collection

Berkus debuted his own fabric line at Calico Corners in January 2013. The collection seems to be going pretty well. He is often seen promoting his collection by himself in a very aesthetically pleasing way.

Nate Berkus has a great net worth

Nate Berkus’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million, citing his work as an author, interior designer, and TV personality.