Who Is Dolores Catania’s Boyfriend Paul Connell? What does he do? Net worth & Previous Marriage

Paul Connell is a Businessman from Ireland who currently resides in Newyork. He is best known as the boyfriend of  American television personality, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Dolores Catania.

Discover fascinating insights into the life of Paul Connell, including his relationship with Dolores Catania, fatherhood, career, siblings, and net worth. This article also explores his relationship with his sons, providing a comprehensive overview of his life.

Paul Connell is dating Dolores Catania

Paul Connell is in a romantic relationship with Dolores Catania, a well-known personality in the television industry.

Dolores Catania was born on December 28, 1970, and is an American television personality, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She gained widespread recognition as a key member of the main cast on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, a role she has held since the show’s seventh season in 2016.

Paul Connell Girlfriend Dolores Catania

Before becoming a cast member of Housewives, Dolores had held various job positions such as waitress, shampoo girl, corrections officer, realtor, and surgical assistant. In 2016, Catania became a member of the main cast in season 7.

Since then, her storylines have mainly revolved around her romantic life, her relationship with her ex-partner, her experiences as a mother, her self-exploration journey, her loyalty, and her pursuit of independence. She has been recognized as one of the most relatable housewives and was awarded the title of “Miss Congeniality” by Bravo fans across the entire Real Housewives franchise in 2018.

Paul Connell is President and CEO of Eco Electrical Services LLC

Paul Connell founded Eco Electric Services in 2010 and currently holds the positions of president and CEO of the company. According to his LinkedIn profile, Eco Electrical Services LLC is a high-end electrical contracting company.

Dolores Catania, of Real Housewives of New Jersey, has a modern $1M townhouse that features Eco Electric Services as its proprietor. As of June 2010, Connell has been leading the company. This information was last updated on September 28, 2022.

Paul Connell underwent a life-saving heart procedure

Paul “Paulie” Connell, the boyfriend of Dolores Catania, has undergone a life-saving heart procedure and recovered. For the past eight years, Paul has been dealing with an irregular heartbeat that was initially assumed to be atrial fibrillation. However, after consulting with multiple cardiologists, he was recently diagnosed with SVT (supra-ventricular tachycardia).

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Dolores, who stars on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” shared the details of Paul’s health journey on pagesix, noting that he had numerous trips to the emergency room before finding the right specialist, Dr. Robert Altman, a cardiac electrophysiologist, who identified a syndrome called WPW.

Paul Connell himself is an Experienced Qualified Electrician

Paul Connell is a qualified electrician, and businessman who owns Eco Electrical Services LLC in New York. The company is fully qualified and insured and has offices in both the United States and the United Kingdom. With a strong dedication to his business, Connell has put forth a great deal of effort and has confidence in the services his company provides.

He also holds the position of company president, a role he has filled since March 2010. Prior to this, Connell gained business management experience as the vice president of All-Star Electrical Services from January 2001 to June 2010, as indicated by his LinkedIn profile.

Paul Connell has a net worth of about a million

Paulie Connell’s net worth of $1 million can be attributed to his various successful business ventures. His lavish lifestyle is often depicted on social media, where he shares photos of his travels on private jets to different destinations around the world.

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As a participant in Real Housewives of New Jersey, Paulie’s appearance on the show comes with compensation. While the exact amount he is paid for the show is not disclosed, it is known that the more drama he contributes to the storyline, the higher his compensation is likely to be. It is worth noting that, like all husbands who appear on the show, Paulie receives payment for his role in the reality series.

Paul Connell holds Irish ancestry

Paul Connel was born on June 27 in Dublin, Ireland, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Connell. He follows Christianity and currently lives in New York City. Family holds great importance in Paulie’s life, as is evident from his frequent social media posts featuring his loved ones.

Paul Connell has two siblings

Paul Connell has a brother and sister. His brother, Dave Connell and is a fan of avid cars. His sister is Shaz Connell.

Paul had a failed married

According to many sources, Paulie was married but however, the things didn’t go as planned and he divorced his former wife. The name and identity of his former wife aren’t known.

Paul Connell has two children

Paul Connell is a father to his 2 sons from his previous marriage. They are  Kameron and Brooklyn. His elder son Kamron Connell graduated in 2021 as paul has shared a post where he expresses how proud he is of his son.

Paul Connell Children

When you came into this world 20 years ago you made a big entrance, being a new parent at the time and not being sure what to do, it’s been an amazing journey thus far watching you grow while you help others mature and grow too.
You are a kind loving sensible and smart young man you make your mom and dad very proud while your brother has an amazing role model for him to follow.
enjoy your birthday and many more to come and keep up the hard work son
Love Dad @issjustkam
happy 20th birthday

Source: Instagram

He is a frequent social media user

Paul Connell has an Instagram handle,@paul_g_connell where he has over 27.2k followers. He is often sharing his daily life, special moments, and his close ones on his Instagram handle.
His Facebook handle is Paulie Connell.

Paul is a pet lover

Paul Connell is an absolute pet lover, he’s often seen posting pictures of his cute pet dog on his social handles.

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