Meet Actress Sandrine Holt, Who’s Playing Vanessa Fisk in Daredevil: Born Again

Sandrine Holt is a Canadian actress who has appeared in various films and television shows. She was born on November 19, 1972, in London, England. Holt has successfully hit big in the entertainment industry. From the day of her debut till the present, she has been featured in numerous projects where she plays roles ranging from minor to the main lead.

Holt began her acting career in the early 1990s and gained recognition for her roles in movies such as “Black Robe” (1991) and “Rapa Nui” (1994). She has also appeared in notable television series, including “Once a Thief” (1996-1998) and “24” (2006-2007).

In recent years, Holt has been seen in popular television shows like “House of Cards” (2014-2015), where she played the role of Gillian Cole, and “MacGyver” (2016-2021), in which she portrayed Patricia Thornton. She has also had recurring roles in series like “Fear the Walking Dead” (2018) and “Homeland” (2020).

Holt was hired for a top-secret key part in Daredevil: Born Again in December 2022. It was confirmed that Holt will play Vanessa Fisk in March 2023. 

Sandrine Holt is the new Vanessa Fisk in Daredevil: Born Again

In the upcoming Daredevil series, Sandrine Holt will play Vanessa Fisk, the role that was previously filled by Ayelet Zurer.

The part played by Sandrine Holt in Daredevil: Born Again has been made public. As Matt “Daredevil” Murdock and Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk, respectively, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will reprise their respective parts from the previous Daredevil series in the upcoming Disney+ series.

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Although Holt had joined the cast, there were no specifics about her role when it was first reported in December. Holt is reportedly portraying Wilson’s wife, Vanessa Fisk, according to THR. Margarita Levieva and Michael Gandolfini, whose roles have not yet been revealed, are joined by her.

She is British born

Although Sandrine Holt is of Canadian nationality, she is originally from Croydon, London. She was born on November 19, 1972, in Croydon, England, London. Thus she is a British-born Canadian actress. She was only five when her family moved to Canada from London.

Sandrine Holt’s parents come from different descents

Holt was born in Croydon as Sandrine Vanessa Ho. Later, Claire was used as her middle name. Man Shun (“Horace”) Ho, her father, is a Chinese citizen.

Sandrine Holt Parents

Frenchwoman Christiane (formerly Nicolette) is her mother. She and her family relocated to Toronto, Canada, when she was five.

She was initially a model before becoming an actress

Holt went to Willowdale’s St. Joseph’s Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School and graduated from the University of London with degrees in computer science and physics (B.Sc. and Applied Math). Before she became an actress, she worked as a runway model in Paris. 

Sandrine has a sister who is a renowned fashion designer and a model

Canadian model, director, and designer Adrianne Ho is the sister of actress Sandrine Holt. She divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles while frequently traveling abroad. She has been in a lot of periodicals, fashion editorials, and beauty campaigns since 2005.

On Canadian television channel One, she also serves as the host and creator of the Sweat the City series. She has been in Sports Illustrated and is a global brand ambassador for Adidas.

Ho founded her own swimwear brand and manages the lifestyle website Sweat The Style. She developed Seed Sport, Seed Heritage’s first opulent line of activewear.

Sandrine Holt has debuted in a number of series and movies

Sandrine Holt has successfully hit big in the entertainment industry. From the day of her debut till the present, she has been featured in numerous projects where she plays roles ranging from minor to the main lead.

She played Terri Morales, an anchorwoman, in a small role in Resident Evil: Apocalypse in 2004. Again in 2006, she made a return appearance in the television series 24 as Evelyn Martin, First Lady Martha Logan’s assistant.

She made a recurring appearance as Catherine Rothberg in the Showtime series The L Word in 2007. She made an appearance in the 2012 film Underworld: Awakening as Lida, a member of the Antigen staff who looked after Subject Two, the protagonist’s daughter, who was a prisoner.

As Gillian Cole, the founder of a grassroots organization called World Well that supplies clean water to impoverished countries, made her television debut in the first season of House of Cards in 2013.

Sandrine Holt was once married to producer Travis Huff

Sandrine Holt was married to the famous rock producer and engineer, Travis Huff. The couple got married in 2004 but later got divorced. Sandrine has a daughter named, Nicolette.

Sandrine Holt Daughter

The daughter inherits the beautiful features of Sandrine. She was born in 2007. Unfortunately had to witness her parents part ways in 2011. 

Sandrine Holt dated Josh Beane

Sandrine Holt was in a relationship with Josh Beane after her divorce. Josh Beane is the founder and CEO Of Idea Farmer.

Sandrine Holt Boyfriend Josh Beane

Josh was often seen posting pictures with Sandrine and her daughter. However, at the moment the couple seems to have settled things and parted ways. 

She can be found on Instagram

You can find Sandrine Holt on Instagram as @sandrineholt with 18.9k+ followers. She often posts attractive pictures and updates her stories with daily life activities. 

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Sandrine Holt has a net worth of millions

Movie actress Sandrine Holt has a $4 million dollar net worth. Sandrine Holt was born on November 19, 1972. Once a Thief, Pocahontas: The Legend, and Underworld: Awakening is just a few of the movies and TV shows that this English model and actress has been in.