10 Things you need to Know about Emely Fardo, Jess Palmer’s Wife

Emely Fardo who is a model by profession is mostly recognized as the wife of Jesse Palmer who is the host of the famous TV show ‘The Bachelors’.  Originally from Brazil, Jesse Palmer is a model working based in New York City. Emely Fardo is additionally a freelance photographer. 

Discover fascinating lesser-known facts about Emely Fardo and her relationship timeline with her partner, Jesse Palmer, host of the popular TV show “The Bachelor.” Learn more by reading this article packed with intriguing information and interesting facts about her.

Emely Frado is a native of Brazil

Emely Fardo is currently based in New York City.  She is, however, originally from Brasilia, Brazil. She moved to New York City to start her career. Emely is in her late 30s and celebrates 7th December as her birthday. She is 37 years old and was born in the year 1985.

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Emely Fardo works as a model and a freelance photographer

Emely Fardo is a well-known model who has made a name for herself by working with various high-profile brands. Additionally, she has also dabbled in freelance photography. Although the exact date of her modeling debut is unclear, Fardo shared news of her new modeling comp cards from New York Model Management on her social media in 2016.

Likewise, Fardo’s Instagram page showcases a multitude of fashion shoots, most of which are her own, but she has also shared photos of her strutting down the runway. In 2011, Fardo took the bold step of relocating to New York City when she was just 24 years old.

As of 2023, Fardo is under contract with New York Models Management, which involves participating in a wide range of shows, advertisements, and endorsement agreements for the company.

Emely Fardo is married Twice to Jesse Palmer

Emely Fardo and Jesse Palmer share a beautiful love story that began long before they tied the knot in holy matrimony. Jesse, a proud native of Ontario, Canada, was born on October 5, 1978, in Toronto. He was raised in a well-established family in Napean, where he grew up to become a successful media personality and host.

Jesse gained national attention after he appeared as a contestant on the popular reality TV show, The Bachelor, in 2004. He returned to the franchise ten years later as the host of Bachelor in Paradise’s eighth season. Jesse also served as the host of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor in 2022. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Jesse pursued a career in broadcasting in 2005, which he has since embraced.

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Around 2017, Jesse began dating Emely Fardo, and their relationship blossomed over time. In July 2019, Jesse proposed to Emely during a romantic trip to Paris, and she said yes. Speaking to the Daily Mail after their engagement, Jesse expressed his love and admiration for Emely, stating that he was head over heels for her.

However, their original wedding plans were postponed due to the pandemic, and they had to settle for an intimate ceremony in 2020. Nevertheless, in 2022, the couple celebrated their love with a second wedding. Here is a glimpse of their second wedding,

Emely Fardo and Jesse Palmer Marriage

And so this happened…
I got to marry the love of my life AGAIN but this time in front of our immediate family. It was a dream come true and the most beautiful and emocional day of my life! I’ll never forget it.

Source: Instagram

Emely Fardo is eight years younger than her husband, Jesse Palmer

Emely Fardo and Jesse Palmer have a significant age difference of eight years. Specifically, Jesse, who is the host of The Bachelor, celebrated his 44th birthday on October 5, 2022, while Emely turned 36 on December 7th of the same year.

Despite the age gap, the couple is incredibly happy together and often expresses their deep love and admiration for each other.

Emily’s love for fitness helped her find the love of her life

Emely Fardo is a passionate fitness enthusiast who prioritizes her health and well-being. She dedicates a significant amount of time to exercise and is frequently spotted at the gym. Thanks to her dedication, she has managed to maintain a perfectly healthy physique, which often garners admiration from others.

Interestingly, Emely’s commitment to fitness also played a significant role in her love life. During one of her boxing classes, she met her future husband, Jesse Palmer. Palmer, who also frequented the same gym as Emely, saw her for the first time while taking a boxing class in 2017.

However, Palmer revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail in February 2019 that he had seen Emely two years prior at Rumble, a popular fitness studio in New York City where they both attended a group boxing class. Jesse caught a glimpse of Emely as he was leaving the class and was immediately drawn to her.

Despite their initial encounter, it wasn’t until two years later, during a boxing class at their shared gym, that they connected and went on their first date. According to Palmer, they hit it off immediately, and their chemistry was undeniable.

Emely Fardo and Jesse Palmer love to travel together

Emely and Jesse embarked on a romantic holiday to France, marking the start of their relationship.

After their vacation, the couple started appearing in public together, attending various events like boxing matches, dinners, and performances, and their bond seemed to grow stronger. They attended the Cipriani Dream Ball together on September 28, 2017, and charmed everyone with their easy chemistry.

Emely Fardo and Jesse Palmer Loved to Travel

Emely and Jesse spent a lot of time together throughout the year, marking various milestones and celebrations. They celebrated Emely’s 31st birthday together and spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together. They also went on holiday trips to Miami Beach, Disneyland, and Rockefeller Center, showcasing their love for travel.

When Jesse decided to propose to Emely, he knew just the perfect place to do it. He planned a secret trip to Paris, where they had taken their first vacation together, but he told Emely they were going to his home in Montreal to avoid any suspicion. Jesse proposed, and Emely happily accepted.

Emely Fardo and Jesse Palmer Proposal

In December 2022, Emely shared photos from their romantic trip to Saint Barth’s, including a picture of the two of them smiling in sunglasses and another of them kissing on the beach. She wrote in the caption that Saint Barths was an excellent place for a birthday celebration, and she was spending her birthday week with her love.

In March 2023, Emely traveled to Thailand to visit Jesse on the set of The Bachelor. Jesse, who is a TV host, shared a photo on Instagram of the couple swimming in Thailand’s blue-green water, excitedly announcing Emily’s visit

Emely Fardo received a romantic proposal while she and Jesse were on a trip

Palmer and Fardo spent the entire year of 2018 exploring new places and spending quality time with each other. After a year of traveling together, on July 19, 2019, Jesse, feeling ready to take the next step, decided to share the happy news of their engagement with their loved ones. To do so, he posted a picture of himself and his fiancée with a stunning ring on her finger, announcing their engagement to the world as the caption read,

Jesse Palmer proposed Emely Fardo

Two weeks ago today 🥂
#TBT #Fiance 📷 @gregfinck

Source: instagram

The couple had been traveling to Champagne, France, where they had been on their first vacation two years prior, where Palmer decided to take the next step in their relationship and propose to Fardo. As he went down on one knee to pop the question, Palmer made the moment even more special by delivering half of his speech in Portuguese, Fardo’s native language.

Emely Fardo is a dog mom

Palmer and Fardo, a newlywed couple, expanded their family by adopting a mixed-breed dog after their secret marriage.

On October 8, 2020, the couple adopted a mixed Australian shepherd-poodle and named it Loulou. The dog quickly became an important part of their lives, and they created an Instagram account for it, named ‘loulou_the_aussiedoodle,’ with the biography indicating the name of the dog as Mademoiselle Loulou Palmer.

The couple is often seen walking their beloved pet, Loulou, and spending quality time with it. They both share a great affection towards the dog, and it brings them immense joy to play and hang out with it.

Emely stands 5 ft. 9 inches tall

Emely was born in Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia, where she also received her official education. The model is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and she was raised there.

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She is active on Instagram

Emely Fardo is on Instagram as @emilyfardopalmer with 20.5k+ followers. She is often seen posting her travel diaries, professional life, and family time.