Meet Hannah Nicolaisen from ‘American Idol’, Explore her Family Life, Fiance Mattheus and Age

Hannah Nicolaisen, a native of Texas, has recently become a hot topic of discussion after securing a place in the top 20 for the 21st season of American Idol. Her performance of ‘Somebody to Love’ on the 23rd of April 23, 2023, was truly awe-inspiring and left everyone stunned.

Despite her background as a volleyball player, Hannah’s versatility and range of talents have impressed audiences and judges alike. Her success on American Idol has showcased her natural ability to sing, captivate an audience, and leave a lasting impression.

Hannah’s journey from being a talented volleyball player to a gifted singer has been a remarkable one. let’s learn some Interesting Facts about Hannah Nicolaisen in this article below:

Hannah Nicolaisen has supportive parents

Hannah Nicolaisen was born on December 28, 1999, in Houston, Texas to her mother Carol TeWeII Nicolaisen, and father Tom Nicolaisen. She also has a brother named Heath. 

Hannah frequently shares her joyous moments with her family, showcasing the unwavering support of her parents and brother. Recently on DECEMBER 18, 2022, she wishes her brother Heath a birthday.

Hannah Nicolaisen is a skilled volleyball player

Hannah Nicolaisen, a gifted athlete, and musician hailing from Houston, Texas, has made quite a name for herself as a volleyball player. She attended the University of Illinois and also played volleyball for Cowley College, where she specialized in the positions of middle blocker and outside hitter for the collegiate team.

During her two-year program at Cowley College, Hannah was part of a tight-knit group of classmates, including Kenzie Thimesch, Brylee Burroughs, Alexa, Milica Kusmuk, Anna Maggiolo, Cameryn Campbell, Sealy Thigpen, JoLee Ritchhart, Abbie, and Sydney Meget.

Hannah’s talent and hard work on the volleyball court did not go unnoticed, as she was awarded the club Offensive Player of the Year and earned the prestigious honor of being a two-time All-American.

In addition to her success in volleyball, Hannah also had a passion for music. She was a skilled musician and often played for her college. it seems Her dedication and talent in both sports and music is finally paying off.

Hannah Nicolaisen is engaged to a volleyball coach

Hannah Nicolaisen has recently become engaged to Mattheus Melles. According to his Linkedin profile, Mattheus is an assistant coach at Faulkner University, where he works diligently to help young athletes achieve their goals. The proposal was made in Honolulu, Hawaii, a beautiful location that added to the romance and excitement of the moment.

The couple has been dating for four years, and their relationship has grown stronger over time. On May 13 they celebrate their anniversary. During the past two years, Hannah has found that being with Mattheus has brought out the best in her.

Hannah Nicolaisen Fiancé Mattheus

She has laughed, gone crazy, and learned valuable lessons about herself and her partner. She is deeply in love with him and grateful for the positive impact he has had on her life.

In 2022, Hannah and Mattheus took an unforgettable trip to Brazil, which was a highlight of their relationship. She credits him with helping her reach her current level of success, both on and off the court. Without Mattheus, she believes she would not have accomplished as much as she has.

Hannah has a goal of becoming a volleyball coach

It’s clear that Hannah Nicolaisen has a strong passion for playing volleyball, just like her fiancé Matthew Melles. Her aspirations, however, lie in coaching the sport. After obtaining an associate’s degree from Cowley College, she transferred to the University of Illinois Springfield to pursue her studies further.

On March 26, 2019, Hannah shared her excitement on social media as she announced her commitment to playing volleyball for the University of Illinois Springfield. During her time at the university, she focused on studying psychology and exercise science. Additionally, Hannah actively participated in voluntary work, working as a research assistant, and engaging with the Career Development Center.

Upon her graduation day, Hannah celebrated the special occasion with her family, including her mother Carol Tewell Nicolaisen, her brother Heath Nicolaisen, and her friends. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who had made her day special via social media, including her volleyball team, as they shared a beautiful journey together. Following her graduation, Hannah planned to take a break and gain professional experience in coaching volleyball.

Hannah Nicolaisen is in her mid-20s

Hannah Nicolaisen is 23 years old as of 2023. She is an American by nationality and of white ethnicity.  Hannah is a native of Houston, Texas. 

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Hannah has a degree in psychology

Hannah is a former Division 2 volleyball player at the University of Illinois Springfield and has a degree in Exercise Science which she obtained in 2022. During her time as a college student, she held the positions of director of TEDxUofISpringfield and Career Peer Student Mentor, demonstrating her dedication to leadership and mentorship. Despite holding a 9 to 5 position as an IT recruiter, Hannah decided to leave her job to pursue her passion for music full-time.

Before attending the University of Illinois, Hannah completed her high school education at Cypress Woods High School and studied physics, engineering, and mathematics at Cowley College in Kansas. In December 2022, Hannah got engaged to Matheus Telles, and she has expressed her interest in pursuing a master’s degree in psychology to further her education

She has a huge Fan following

Hannah Nicolaisen is on Instagram as @itshannahsmusic with 12.3k+ followers.