7 Things you didn’t Know about Miah Kenzo

Miah Kenzo is an aspiring rapper who is very young and has successfully landed her career. She specializes in Rap and hip-hop. Tragic, Up It, Shake dat, and Gangsta Barbie are some of her hits. 

Uncover the lesser-known facts about rising New York rapper Mia Kenzo in this article. Discover the intriguing details about her rapper father and how she’s carving a successful career in the music industry. Read on to learn about 7 things you didn’t know about Mia Kenzo.

Full real birth NameMiah Kenzo
Nationality American 
Age52 years 
Ethnicity Black
Sexuality Straight

Miah Kenzo is only 17 years

Miah Kenzo is at a very young age compared to her appearance. She is 17 years old. Drill rapper Miah Kenzo, 17, comes from the Queens neighborhood of New York City. Miah Kenzo’s fan base is expanding at an astounding rate. 

For her distinctive voice and remarkable wordplay, Kenzo is most recognized. Despite her youth, she has already appeared in tracks by well-known performers like DJ Big Skipp and Asian Doll.

Miah Kenzo’s father is a rapper

Trag Stylemeda is a prominent figure in the music industry as he not only is a rapper but also the co-founder and CEO of the Everything Ready record label. As a successful entrepreneur and artist, he manages other talented musicians such as Bille Gene, YCG Swervo, and his own daughter, Miah Kenzo.

Miah Kenzo Father

Miah Kenzo, who is a member of the Everything Ready record label, is a drill rapper just like his father and fellow label mates. Trag works tirelessly to ensure that his daughter’s music is promoted and distributed successfully to the masses.

Kenzo B Accused Miah Kenzo’s Father of being a snitch

However, Trag’s reputation recently came under fire when rapper Kenzo B accused him of being a snitch. This accusation caused a stir in the music community and resulted in Trag receiving numerous calls from members of the NYC Drill community who were seeking clarification on the matter.

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Despite the allegations, Trag remains committed to his passion for music and his role as a father and CEO. He continues to work tirelessly to support Miah and other artists in his label, striving to produce high-quality music for fans to enjoy.

Miah Kenzo was a part of in Rap movement called 41 Moments

Miah Kenzo was a member of the 41 Movement, a drill rap group from New York City. Other rappers from the 41 Movement include Jenn Carter and TaTa.

She was later expelled from 41 Movement as a result of the snitching suspicions that hover over her father’s head. Since then, many of her supporters have been torn between supporting her and opposing her.

Fortunately, the majority of her supporters appear to be on her side, with many saying that she would be better off following her own path. Regarding Kenzo, she has been emphatic that she did not leave on command and was not expelled. 

Due to their alleged connections to several real-life gangs that operate in New York City, the 41 Movement is largely cloaked in mystery and is not frequently discussed online.

Miah Kenzo is an active social media user

Miah Kenzo has an active social media presence. She is on Instagram as @miahkenzo23 with 61.4k+ followers. 

likewise, she has a youtube channel where she has 14.8K subscribers and uploaded 10 videos among which Miah Kenzo X Asian Doll Ft. Dj Swill B – SHAKE DAT, her Official Music Video has the highest view.

Miah Kenzo has already set a good career base

 Her easy confidence shows that her innate skill competes not just with established musicians but also with knowledgeable industry professionals. Similar to fellow rising female emcee Glorilla, Miah exudes a feminine gangster attitude that would make Remy Ma and Lil Kim proud, but with a more New York vibe. Not just rising women in hip hop, but also contenders for the up-and-coming in rap, her name should be highlighted. 

Despite the positive reviews her music has received thus far, Miah is not content to sit back and enjoy her success. She has shifted back into high gear and is driving hard! The emerging musician is getting ready to release an EP called Pretty Gangsta as a result.

Miah has Thousands of Spotify Listeners

Miah Kenzo has 11,714 Monthly listeners on her Spotify where up it, Pretty Deamon, shake Dat and Angster Barbie are her top five listed songs.


Who is Mia Kenzo?

Miah Kenzo is an aspiring rapper who is very young and has successfully landed her career. She specializes in Rap and hip-hop. Tragic, Up It, Shake dat, and Gangsta Barbie are some of her to hits. 

How old is Miah Kenzo? 

Miah Kenzo is only 17 years old.

Is she on social media?

Yes, She is active on Instagram as @miahkenzo23 with 58.6k followers.