Everything on Dave Marrs Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, Including his Wife and children

Dave Marrs is an American builder, designer, and TV personality. He is best known for co-hosting the HGTV series “Fixer to Fabulous” alongside his wife Jenny Marrs. The show follows the couple as they renovate old homes in Northwest Arkansas, turning them into stunning, modern living spaces.

Dave Marrs, who comes from a military family, was born on February 26, 1980, in Kiowa, Oklahoma, and grew up in Kiowa, Colorado, along with his two siblings. His father held a high-ranking position in the Army and He has been married to his long-term partner, Jenney for a decade, and share five children together.

You can find Dave Marrs on Instagram as @dave.marrs with 174k followers. 

Dave Marrs comes from a military family

Dave Marrs was born on February 26, 1980, in Kiowa, Oklahoma, and grew up in Kiowa, Colorado, along with his two siblings. His Father was a Former military officer. According to Reality Tibit, His father was a High-Ranking Army Soldier. when Dave and his siblings were in high school His father had already started working as a builder and carpenter. His father used to practice using the various tools at his father’s workshop. Alongside his father, he and his worked on electrical projects, frame and trim jobs, and cabin construction.

However, little is known about his Mother. But he recently wished his mother her Birthday on February 5 as he posted a Beautiful picture of her with his son and wrote”

Happy birthday to this beautiful woman I get to call Mom! She is my hero, and my friend. I never thought she could be better than a mom, then she became a Nana. So blessed to celebrate this day with such an incredible woman!

Source: Instagram

In addition, we learned that Dave grew up with two additional siblings. He has a brother named Matt Marrs as well as a sister by the name of Katie. On November 21, 2021, he shared a family photo featuring most of his family members, but his sister Kate was not present. In his caption, he expressed gratitude towards his family, writing:

Dave Marrs Family

Pretty lucky guy to have such a wonderful family and parents to support @jennymarrs and I on this crazy ride. Just missing one, my sister Katie. Love this crew!

Source: Instagram

Dave Marr’s Parents celebrated their 51st Anniversary

Dave’s parents, who are grandparents to both Dave and Matt’s adorable children, recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary!

In a post posted by Dave on his Instagram on AUGUST 14, 2022, Dave wished his parents on their anniversary by writing”

Happy 51st anniversary to the absolute best parents I could have asked for. Thank you for being a beacon of light and hope to your kids and others. I pray you have many more wonderful years together. Love you Dad and Mom!

Source: Instagram
Dave Marrs Parents

Meet Dave Marr’s Brother Matt Marr

Matt Marrs turned 45 this year. He was born on March 14th, 1977, in Kiowa, Colorado. We might infer from this that Matt was born in the United States as well. He went to Kiowa Undivided High School with his brothers and sisters. He currently lives in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Dave Marrs Brother Matt Marr Family

Matt is married to Karey Ross Marrs and is a father to three daughters. They married after dating for 6 years. Matt has been married to wife Karey since October 13th, 2001, meaning it has been 23 years since they tied the knot. Matt regularly goes fishing in his spare time as He often shares pictures and videos of him Fishing. recently he caught a rainbow trout, as shared on Facebook.

Dave Marrs and Matt Marrs Brotherhood

Dave and Matt are two buddies in addition to being brothers, as can be shown by looking at Dave’s Instagram page. At many Kansas City football games, they have been captured on camera.

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The image that was most recently posted was of the two brothers during a Chiefs game. Their group was facing the Minnesota Vikings at the moment. Their shared employment in the same family-owned construction company is another sign of their close bond.

Matt wholeheartedly supports his brother’s charitable endeavors in addition to that. For instance, he can be seen wearing a Berry Farm cap in various pictures. The farm was established, as we previously indicated, as a way to help African children who are in need.

Meet Dave Marrs’ sister, Katie Marrs

Katie Marrs is the younger sister of Dave Marrs. She is two years younger than Dave. Katie Marrs is a flight attendant by profession and works for Jetblue Airways. She seems to love children however, she herself doesn’t have any children and isn’t married yet. 

Dave Marrs Sister Katie Marrs

Katie Marrs wishes Veteran’s Day to her Father

Despite not being very active on social media or engaging in public activities, Katie has shared a few pictures of her parents on special occasions. For instance, on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, she has posted pictures of her parents with heartfelt messages wishing them well.

One particular picture she shared was of her father with her brother Dave’s twin boys, Ben and Nate, on Veterans Day.

Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you for your service!🤍💙🇺🇸🇺🇸

Pic: My fav Veteran, Ben, & Nate!

Source: Facebook

In the picture, she wished her father a Happy Veterans Day and expressed her gratitude for his service.

Dave Marrs and his long-term partner, Jenney, their Relationship Timeline

Dave graduated from college in 2002 and landed a job offer from Newell Brand’s Rubbermaid. It was during his time there that he met Jenney, who worked in a different department of the same organization. Despite the distance between their departments, the two quickly grew close and started dating. However, Dave’s job required him to frequently move and travel, which made maintaining their relationship challenging.

After two years of working at Rubbermaid, Dave decided to leave his position and evaluate his options. He eventually decided to stay in Arkansas and pursue the profession his father had taught him. Even though his business didn’t take off immediately, Dave persevered and Jenny supported him every step of the way. She didn’t question his decision and took a leap of faith in his vision for their future.

Dave Marrs Marriage with Wife Jenney

“So, I did the corporate world for two years, which was enough. It allowed me to meet Jenny… but I just got sick of it,” he told About You. “When I said I [was] going to start building again, Jenny took a big leap of faith and said we’ll try Arkansas for a couple of years.”

On April 2, 2005, the couple got married and this year will celebrate 18 years of marriage.

Dave and Jenny Share five children

As of now, The couple is proud parents to five kids: twins Nathan and Ben, 11, Sylvie, 10, Charlotte, seven, and two-year-old Luke.

However, Jenny and Dave went through an extensive adoption process to bring Sylvia(their daughter) into their family. After a long search, they stumbled upon Sylvia’s adoption file online on November 12, 2012, and immediately knew she was meant to be their daughter. The adoption paperwork was completed by August 2013, and Sylvia was officially their legal child. However, the process of bringing her home to the United States was not without complications.

During this time, the Congolese government had suspended exit letters for adopted children, which meant that Sylvia was unable to leave the country. This delay was particularly challenging because Jenny was pregnant with their second child, Charlotte, and had a high-risk pregnancy that prevented her from traveling. Thus, Dave had to travel alone to bring Sylvia home.

After waiting for over 600 days, on July 8, 2014, the Congolese government finally gave Sylvia’s foster mother permission to fly her to the United States. The Couple were overjoyed to finally have their daughter in their arms after such a long and arduous journey.

Dave and Jenney Marrs have both appeared in the Tv Show, Hometown Takeover

Dave and Jenny Marrs, who is known for hosting the HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous, have landed a new gig that is particularly meaningful to them. They will officially co-host season two of Home Town Takeover alongside Ben and Erin Napier, who hosted season one. Home Town Takeover is a show that aims to revitalize small towns across America by renovating homes and businesses, and Dave and Jenny are excited to play a bigger role in the upcoming season, which will focus on Fort Morgan, Colorado.

For Dave, the show is more than just a renovation project. It’s a celebration of the values that he believes built America: small towns, small businesses, and communities coming together. He sees the show as an opportunity to remind the country of the importance of working together and supporting one another. Dave, who grew up just an hour and a half away from Fort Morgan, feels a personal connection to the town and its people, and he and Jenny are thrilled to have the chance to make a difference in the community.

The couple also appeared on the first season of Home Town Takeover in Wetumpka, Alabama, and are excited to continue their involvement with the show. With their experience in renovating homes and their passion for community building, Dave and Jenny are sure to bring a unique perspective and valuable contributions to the upcoming season of Home Town Takeover.