Who was Vadim Boyko? Putin Colonel dies at 44 unexpectedly, Wife and Family

Local reports state that a colonel, Vadim Boyko , who was the deputy head of one of the top colleges in the Russian navy was found dead in unexplained circumstances. According to reports, Vadim Boyko was in charge of coordinating with the troops recently mobilized for the war against Ukraine as part of Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobilization order.”

He apparently arrived at work early on Wednesday at Vladivostok’s Makarov Pacific Higher Naval School; nevertheless, he was later discovered to have at least one gunshot wound.

His death was quickly ruled a suicide by a number of local media outlets, with the Far Eastern Gazette stating that he “fired a gunshot in his temple.” The news source claimed that a nearby TV station had confirmed Boyko’s suicide after speaking with sources within the Pacific Fleet.

“Yes, Colonel Boyko committed suicide within the walls of the [naval college],” the unnamed sources were quoted saying.

However, information from the Russian Telegram channel Baza detailed an entirely different set of circumstances.

Found Dead with five gunshot wounds

The desk sergeant entered Boyko’s office and discovered his deceased with five gunshot wounds to the chest, according to the station, which cited unnamed sources.

Investigators discovered five shot casings and four Makarov pistols at the scene, but no suicide note said Baza.

A military commissar for the Primorysky region was found dead just one month prior, with local authorities stating merely that his “heart stopped.”

According to BAZA, Boyko was in charge of coordinating efforts with conscripts who had been selected during Putin’s massive mobilization.

In a last-ditch effort to sustain his waning war in Ukraine, Mad Vlad calls up thousands of untrained Russians to fight.

Additionally, as poorly equipped troops are quickly placed on the front lines, the mobilization has resulted in open rebellion in some quarters.

Boyko, a father of two, was also said to be in charge of weapons and ammo at the prestigious academy. In the same Primorsky region last month, Lt. Col. Roman Malyk who was 49, was seen dead on a fence.


For Putin’s disorganized mobilization effort in his region, the military commissar was in charge of recruiting. A murder investigation was launched after initial suspicions of suicide were dismissed. The likely cause of death, according to investigators’ findings five days later, was suicide.

According to Russian boasts, 82,000 emergency draft conscripts were prepared for the front lines. It is perceived as a desperate attempt to try and stop Ukraine’s escalating counteroffensive. However, according to the FederalPress Telegram channel, Malyk’s family and friends are contesting the verdict and adamant that he was “balanced and self-confident.”

In protest against mobilization, Molotov cocktails have been thrown at about 100 military recruitment offices. Malyk, a married father of two who served in Russia’s war in Chechnya, was strongly denied by friends and family to have committed suicide.

He was in charge of recruiting in the Primorsky region’s Partizan district and its surrounding areas.

Colonel Vadim Boyko’s Age, nationality.

Vadim Boyko was 44 years old. He was of Russian nationality.

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Colonel Vadim Boyko’s wife and children.

Colonel Vadim Boyko was a married man. He was happily settled with his wife and children. He was the father to his 2 adorable kids.

Vadim Boyko Family

Vadim Boyko was a wonderful family figure to his family.