Incredible Mum, Shaynah Olyvia, 28, dies of cardiac arrest

Shaynah Olyvia Smart age 28, was at Notting Hill Carnival in August for an hour when she told her cousins “my heart feels a bit funny”.

How Did Shaynah Olyvia Smart Die?

Shaynah went into cardiac arrest and was immediately taken to a nearby medical tent before being taken to St Mary’s Hospital, where she passed away. Shaynah also leaves behind two young boys, two-year-old Jaziah and seven-year-old Jeshane, who are feeling lost without their beloved mother.  Her aunt Melanie has also told My London:

“She was an incredible mum, she loved them so much and it’s heartbreaking that Jaziah will grow up not really knowing who she was.”  Melanie has also added: “It all happened so quickly, I got a call saying she was being taken to hospital but by the time I got there she had passed away.”  A post-mortem report also shows what caused the sudden cardiac arrest.

Shaynah had drunk very little alcohol that day and doctors have not been able to spot any obvious triggers, according to her devastated family.  Her boys are now living with their father as they come to terms with the loss.  Melanie has also said: “Jeshane knows what’s going on and he’s pretty down at times, which is hard to hear when he calls us.

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“Jeziah knows mum isn’t there but he’s so young he doesn’t know why which is heart-breaking.  “We’re putting a book together and we’re going to collect as many videos together as possible for him for when he gets older.”  Shaynah, who hails from College Park but lived in Kensington, West London, with her kids, was undertaking an apprenticeship with Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s children’s services team.  Melanie has also said:

“She was doing really well, I think because she’s just naturally a very caring person.  “She was working hard to make that a career and was told after she died that they were planning on offering her a permanent position.”  Describing what she’ll miss about her niece, Melanie has also reported that: “She was loyal and selfless, often she would help others out so much that she forgot about herself.”