Two Sadistic Thugs, Roheed Ahmed and Kameron Hussain were kept as Slaves and tortured them

The two sadistic thugs have been jailed for keeping two men as their “slaves” in a sickening campaign of abuse. Roheed Ahmed and Kameron Hussain were locked up for torturing those two men – which included setting one victim’s head on fire.

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What Did Roheed Ahmed and Kameron Hussain do?

The two men who are Roheed Ahmed and Kameron Hussain targeted three men in total, as they beat, financially controlled, and shaved their victim’s heads. The men were beaten with sticks, burnt with lighters, and punched in the face in the neb’s  Wolver Hampton flat, as one said he felt they “got kicks out of beating him”.

Their crimes were halted after the defendants took one of the men to Asda, where workers spotted his appearance and called the police. The other “slave” later fled barefoot from the house of horrors, where they had been kept, as prisoners.

One of the victims, who had mental health problems, encountered the man after he was discharged from the hospital. He has also ended up living in a flat where he met several individuals that have also included Ahmed, reports Birmingham Live.

The court heard he was “plied with drugs” and started drinking once again, while Ahmed and others “used the flat as their own” and ordered around the occupants. As the victim was fed with drugs and intimidated by threats of violence that were often carried out, he was told to make cups of tea and give foot massages to Ahmed and his associates.

The sadistic thugs also told the man he owed them money for the drugs they owed him, and his bank cards were taken and funds were also removed. The victim worked during the day but returned to the flat in the evenings where Hussein was also staying at. The sadistic people also beat the victim with sticks and made him “bark like a dog”, the court also heard.

Pleaded Guilty

Ahmed and Hussain pleaded guilty and were sentenced today to nine years and eight months each for three counts of fake imprisonment, racially aggravated assault, two counts of assault, possessing a weapon, and theft. The men were also handed a further three years on extended license after the trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

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Detective Constable Moorhouse, from West Midlands Police Force CID, has also reported: “The degradation and humiliation these men suffered was inhuman.”They were completely controlled and treated worse than animals. “They also reported that there had been others who had suffered the same abuse.”