Who was Faezeh Barahui? How did she die? Death Cause Details

The Branch 2 for the revolutionary court of the Zahedam tried a female Baluch University student in early November 2002. The Student is also identified as Faezeh Barahui, a 24-year-old woman who is a student at the Azad University of Zahedan.

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Who is Actually Faezeh Barahui?

The Azad University student; Faezeh Barahui was also arrested on 3 October 2022 and booked with making riots. The judgment will take around 20 days.

Her case took place when she was rejected representations by an independent attorney and had no validity to defend herself. A representative of the Intelligence Department has also informed her that if the reports against her are true then she be sentenced to death.

The Baluch University Student Face Death for Leading Protest]

As per sources; Faezeh Barahui lost her father some 12 days back. The Department of Intelligence has also warned her mom against any sort of interview about her daughter’s detention.

The Revolutionary guards have also pressured her family to keep quiet about the proceedings.  The news has also become viral.

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As we know; Faezeh Barahui is a student at the Azad University of Zahedan and her present age is 24 years old. She has been arrested by the police on 3 November 2022.

Faezeh was arrested following the demonstrations at Zahedan on September 30 but she did not be involved in the protests. She also wanted an investigation following the r*pe of 15 years old Baluch girl by the police chief of Chabar city.