Victim of Stabbing Attack, Shalom Sofer, dies after Two Weeks Later

Victim of Stabbing Attack, Shalom Sofer, dies after Two Weeks Later

An Israeli terror victim Shalom Sofer wounded last month in a West Bank stabbing attack died on Tuesday weeks after his condition rapidly deteriorated.

The victim of a stabbing terror attack Shalom Sofer passed away two weeks later.

When Shalom Sofer was stabbed by a Palestinian as he entered a grocery store in the Palestinian village of Al Funduq, he sustained serious injuries. Initially claiming to be investigating the circumstances of the incident, the IDF later identified it as a terrorist attack.

After stabbing the victim, the Palestinian attacker ran from the scene. Three hours after the assault, he was apprehended by security forces who were conducting a manhunt for him. Late on Monday, one of Sofer’s wounds started bleeding, which led to a worsening of his condition.

He was stabilized by emergency medical teams when they visited his home, but he died before they could get him to the hospital.

He had attended the final Shabbat service with them, according to his friends and neighbors, who were shocked by his passing. Later on Tuesday, his funeral will be held in Petach Tikva, where he was born and raised.

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Even after the IDF successfully targeted the Lion’s Den militant group in Nablus earlier this month, a rise in Palestinian terror attacks and violent clashes with security forces does not appear to be abating.

IDF troops continue to conduct nightly raids to capture suspected terrorists; eight were taken into custody overnight on Monday, the military reported.