Victorian Nationals Candidate, Shaun Gilchrist, dies before hearing

Shaun Gilchrist, a regional candidate for the Victorian Nationals, passed away suddenly days before the election and a little more than a week before he was scheduled to appear in court on three counts of s*xual assault and one count of r*pe.

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Shaun Gilchrist, a candidate for the Victorian Nationals, passed away before his r*pe charge hearing.

About two hours south-east of Melbourne in Rawson, near Coopers Creek Road, a man’s corpse was discovered in the woods at 4.15 p.m. on Sunday, according to the police.

The coroner would get a report, according to the police. When Gilchrist was approved as a Nationals candidate, Liberal leader Matthew Guy and Nationals leader Peter Walsh said they were not aware of the s*xual assault and r*pe allegations against Gilchrist.

The leaders issued a joint statement on Monday expressing their condolences and requesting respect and privacy for the Gilchrist family. The VEC declared that due to Gilchrist’s death, the election in Narracan would be annulled.

“The Victorian Nationals express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mr Gilchrist, and our thoughts remain with them at this difficult time,” “The Gilchrist family has asked for privacy and respect during their time of grief.”

Harris said,

“Under Victoria’s electoral laws if a candidate dies before 6pm on election day [Saturday, November 26], the election for that district is declared ‘failed’ and the nomination deposits are returned to all candidates in the district,”.

The electoral said,

There will be an additional election for the Narracan electorate at a later time that has not yet been set. The deadline for voting in the upper house is still this Saturday. Dana Fleming, the acting election commissioner, sent her sympathies to Gilchrist’s family and the neighborhood. Gippsland’s Narracan, which includes the towns of Warragul and Drouin, is regarded as a safe Liberal seat.

Business Proprietor

 Due to the retirement of the current Liberal MP Gary Blackwood, the Nationals decided to run for the seat. Wayne Farnham, a business proprietor, was preselected by the Liberals. Walsh said that Gilchrist’s wife had called him on Monday morning and that he would respect her request for the family’s privacy.

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“We are talking about a widow and two young children who have lost their father. Guy said that the Coalition’s main priority was to protect and uphold the family.

At a press conference, he stated,

Guy remarked, “A guy has passed away here. The father of the widow and two children is now absent from the house. The friends and family of Gilchrist were also given the sympathies of Premier.

“While Shaun and I had never met, I know he was respected by so many across the community for his warmth, his humor, and his hard work,” “I have no doubt he shared the same ambition so many of us do in wanting to get involved with politics to change society for the better and make a positive contribution to the community around him.”

Andrews said,

“Now more than ever, Narracan requires a dedicated local representative that is focused on healthcare, including a new hospital, sustainable repair to our regional road system, and support for reliable public transport,”.

His candidate page said,

When MP Peter McLellan passed away on election day in 1999, the VEC ruled that the Frankston East election was illegal. A complete election result was also delayed by the passing of the independent, a former Liberal since the 1999 election produced a hung parliament.

About Shaun Gilchrist’s early life and Profession

Shaun Gilchrist was born and reared in Jindivick. He holds an Australian Nationality and he belongs to the white race.

Shaun Gilchrist Family

Shaun Gilchrist operated a small company from his home in neighboring Warragul.