Steven Fike, 63, killed a 19-year-old girl in a Boston hotel in 1980

Steven Fike is a 63 years old man who was charged in connection with the r*pe and murder of Wendy Dansereau in a Boston hotel room on March 18, 1980. Fike was indicted by a Suffolk County grand jury after his DNA, collected during the early stages of the investigation, was matched to the crime scene evidence using the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

Fike had previously been convicted in 1982 for the r*pe and murder of Patricia Ann Culp, a dancer at Sammy’s in Birmingham, Alabama. He is currently serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole for that crime. Fike’s next parole consideration is in 2023, and he is currently incarcerated at the Elmore Correctional Facility in Alabama.

Murder of Wendy Dansereau

On March 18, 1980, when 19-year-old Wendy Dansereau was brutally assaulted and strangled in a hotel room in Boston. Her lifeless body was discovered by an employee of the Hotel Diplomat, who stumbled upon the grim scene. The senseless act of violence left Dansereau’s family in anguish, desperately seeking answers for almost forty years.

District Attorney Rachael Rollins, in a statement released on Thursday, expressed the profound impact this breakthrough has had on the victim’s loved ones. She acknowledged that Wendy Dansereau’s family, especially her daughter, who was a mere four weeks old at the time of her mother’s murder, had patiently awaited justice for decades.

“We have not forgotten Wendy Dansereau, and we haven’t forgotten the hundreds of victims whose murders remain unsolved or the families who are still waiting and praying for answers and accountability,”

Rollins said in a statement.

The pivotal evidence that led to Fike’s indictment was the identification of his DNA profile. During the initial stages of the investigation, a DNA sample was collected from the crime scene and entered into the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Astonishingly, this DNA evidence matched Fike’s genetic profile, which had been logged in the national database due to his prior conviction for a 1982 r*pe and murder.

Furthermore, corroborating police reports placed Fike in the New England area on the day preceding the discovery of Dansereau’s lifeless body. These compelling findings, combined with the advancements in DNA technology, have culminated in the long-awaited indictment of Steven Fike for the murder of Wendy Dansereau.

Steven Fike’s criminal history extends beyond this recent indictment. In 1982, he was convicted for the r*pe and murder of Patricia Ann Culp, a dancer at Sammy’s, a Birmingham establishment.

Steven Fike in Patricia Ann Culp’s Cold Case Murder

On January 30, 1982, when 20-year-old Patricia Ann Culp, a dancer at Sammy’s in Birmingham, Alabama, met a cruel fate. Culp was last seen entering the Hiway Host Motel on Bessemer Super Highway.

Constructing a composite sketch of the suspect based on witness descriptions and available police records. The manhunt led to a nationwide alert, capturing the attention of law enforcement agencies across the country. Ultimately, Fike’s arrest unfolded in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was apprehended and identified as the prime suspect in Patricia Ann Culp’s murder.

Steven Fike Sketch

At Fike’s trial, a key witness revealed a disturbing connection between the accused and the victim. Testimony revealed that Fike had known Culp for approximately three years, and on the day of her disappearance, he was seen in possession of her red Ford Mustang.

During the trial, Fike made startling claims, asserting that Culp had dropped him off at a local lounge after they had engaged in consensual s*xual activities at the motel. According to his account, he had paid her $50. However, the jury’s decision was swayed by the witness testimony and physical evidence, leading to Fike’s conviction.

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An autopsy later confirmed the horrific details of Patricia Ann Culp’s demise. The cause of death was attributed to a severe blow to the back of her head, a merciless act of violence that had haunted the memories of investigators and loved ones for over forty years.

Steven Fike, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, has remained incarcerated since 1982. The conviction in the Patricia Ann Culp murder case resulted in a life sentence with the possibility of parole. Fike’s next parole hearing is slated for 2023, offering a potential glimmer of hope for his release.

Who is Steven Fike?

Steven Fike is 63 years old man from Alabama who is convicted in the murder of 19 years old Wendy Dansereau. He is currently serving in prison a life sentence as he was found guilty of a r*pe and murder case.

Steven Fike Age

Well, going through the research we are unable to find the information about his family and parent’s details at the moment. All personal information about Steven is under review, thus we have no data on if he is married or not.