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West Side shooting of a Detroit police officer? Now, where is the officer?

The heartbreaking report of a police officer being shot in Detroit has made headlines all over the world. Find out more about the shooting down in the story that follows.

The Gun Violence Archive reports that over the Fourth of July weekend, shootings occurred in almost every state in the union, leaving at least 220 people dead and close to 570 people injured.

Published numbers show that between Friday and Monday, there were well over 500 shootings nationwide, almost as many as injuries as a result of injuries.

There were just five states throughout that time that were undisturbed by at least one incident.

A West Side Detroit Police Officer was shot.

Officials assert that a suspect and a Detroit police officer were hurt in the incident on the city’s western side.

A Detroit police officer and a suspect are said to have been shot on the city’s west side, close to Joy Road and Marlowe Street.

According to Michigan State Police, a gunshot took place at 14275 Joy, a block west of Hubbell Avenue, just before 8 o’clock.

Although MSP authorities stated that Metro South troopers, MSP canines, and Special Investigation Section Homicide Task Force detectives were on their way to the location to assist with the crime scene.

Government representatives urge the public to avoid the area while the inquiry is still open.

Following the incident, other officers helped the injured officer.

On Twitter, there are numerous videos and images showing the injured cop hugging a fellow Detroit police officer.

For medical attention, the wounded police officer was brought to Sinai Grace Hospital.

The identity of the officer and the specifics of the shooting were not immediately made public.

The policeman was hit in the neck, and his status is critical right now. The AK-47 rifle was purportedly utilized by the suspect.

To assist the Detroit Police Department on the scene, the Michigan State Police sent K-9 teams and homicide detectives.

Who was the shooter?

The shooter’s identity has not yet been made public on the internet.

The circumstances of the shooting are unclear. Authorities don’t know who fired the rounds or what caused the incident on Wednesday night.

An AK-47 was used in the shooting of the Detroit police officer, according to a tweet.

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The horrifying shooting also resulted in gunshot wounds to the perpetrator. The concerned authorities have not yet discovered any other wounds from the shooting.

On July 1, police announced that a man had been arrested following a gunfight on Thursday in Detroit’s west side that resulted in one man being shot in the finger.

Investigators claim that the guy was accused of taking the vehicle and weapon of a former Detroit Police officer and utilizing them both during the incident.