Who is Michelle Skewes? Jon Seccull Wife From Ballarat, Age, Family, Wiki, Facebook, Bio

Jon Seccull is sentenced to prison after abusing his wife Michelle Skewes for years. Keep up with the story.

Michelle Skewes was a victim of r*pe. She is the ex-wife of Jon Seccull, a former White Ribbon Ambassador.

Skewes has spoken up about her husband’s mistreatment of her. Her ex-husband had been charged with r*pe.

Survivor speaks after ex-husband jailed

After her former husband was imprisoned, a Victorian woman who had endured years of r*pe and severe violence at his hands of him stated “every painful and humiliating step” was worth it.

Jon Seccull, a former White Ribbon ambassador, was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison in Victorian County Court on Monday.

Between 2011 and 2015, the 43-year-old was found guilty of nine counts of r*pe, two assaults, and one threat to cause serious injury against his then-wife Michelle Skewes by a jury.

Ms. Skewes, who gave AAP permission to use her name, said the number of years Seccull spent in prison was not her main issue.

The most important thing, she said, was that her experience may inspire people to “reclaim their dignity and recover control of their lives.”

“The journey to this point has been extraordinarily difficult, but it has been well worth every painful and humiliating step,” Ms. Skewes said following the sentencing hearing in a statement.

“I’m still amazed at how much sensitive and humiliating information I had to present, confirm and re-confirm before the court would accept it as evidence.

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“But the basic result is that guilt was eventually established, and a very dangerous guy was temporarily removed as a menace to society.

“I wish every victim the courage to make a difference in their lives. You can make it through and win in the end.”

Seccull allegedly aimed a loaded gun at Ms. Skewes before unclipping the ammunition and telling her she wasn’t worth the cost of the bullet, according to the court.

He then threatened to shoot himself in the driveway in front of their kids.

Even when his wife agreed with his degrading s*xual demands, the former correctional officer chastised her.

He also remarked to her at another time: “I’m your spouse, and I have the right to f***ing touch you whenever I want. You belong to me.”

The Ballarat man took joy in his wife’s brutality and “oppressive submission,” which included “vile and sadistic deeds,” according to Judge Frank Gucciardo.

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“Such heinous behavior is stunning,” Judge Gucciardo said in court.

“The court is at a loss for words to express the depravity of the offense.”

After pleading not guilty and claimed that witnesses had lied in court, Judge Gucciardo said Seccull had shown a “complete absence of remorse or skerrick of regret.”

Ms. Skewes met Seccull while working at the local fire department in 2000, and they married three years later.

But, until their divorce in 2016, he became progressively abusive during the marriage.

The couple’s three-year-old died in 2011

The couple’s three-year-old died in 2011, according to the court, but the judge ruled that did not explain the man’s violent behavior.

“Your crimes are far more serious than anything PTSD might have contributed to. While the death of a child is a terrible tragedy, it is not a justification nor an explanation for your wife’s mistreatment “Gucciardo, the judge, stated.

Ms. Skewes earlier stated that she had been left questioning her decision-making abilities, and she continues to apologize for everything.

“I can’t seem to shake the feeling that everything is my fault, even when it isn’t,” she explained.

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“And because I dared to violate the code of silence that surrounds domestic violence, I was threatened with revealing the abuser and smearing ‘the decent bloke.'”

“I have to remember to place the guilt squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator, my then-husband, the man who was supposed to love me.”

Before becoming eligible for parole, Seccull must serve at least ten years and six months in prison.

He was put on the s*x offenders list for the rest of his life.

Michelle Skewes Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about her father, mother, where is she from? Early Life.

According to age, Michelle Skewes is in her 30’s. The estimation is done according to her physical appearance. However, we are unaware of her actual birthday and astrological details. She holds Australian nationality. Her zodiac sign and ethnicity are still unknown.

michelle skewes earlylife

Michelle Skewes was born to an Australian family. Unfortunately, the details of his parents, siblings, and other family members have not been revealed.

Michelle Skewes Net worth, how much did she earn?

Her net worth has not been revealed yet. Her net worth must be in between $500K $1 million approximately.

Michelle Skewes Husband, Her Relationship, What about Children?

She met her former husband at age 19. Both of them were volunteers of the local fire department and eventually tied the knot. Her husband’s name is Jon Seccull. 

michelle skewes husband

She has children with Jon Seccull. One of their sons died in 2011 at the age of three years old.

Skewes claims that Jon Seccull’s behavior went even more horrific after the demise of their child.

Michelle Skewes Career

Jon Seccull has been apprehended. He was given a total term of 15 years in prison.

On Monday, October 18, 2021, the former White Ribbon Ambassador attended the Victorian Court.

He faces nine counts of r*pe, two counts of assault, and a threat to inflict significant injury.

Seccull had already been charged in 2017, but the matter had been kept under wraps.

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The culprit was only identified last month with the victim’s agreement.

Skewes agreed to have her name published in the hopes of inspiring other women to fight back against violence.

Seccull is currently on the s*x offenders list for the rest of his life. To be eligible for parole, he must have served more than ten years in prison.