Is Jack Strain guilty on all charges in a s*x crime? Age, Wife, Is he imprisoned? Family

Jack Strain, who served as the top law enforcement sheriff in St. Tammany Parish for two decades, will now spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Ex-sheriff Jack Strain was found guilty on all charges in the trial of a s*x crime.

Before reaching a decision, the jury deliberated for almost five hours.

After examining evidence that Jack Strain r*ped and abused many children over the period of decades, a jury in St. Tammany Parish found him guilty of r*pe on Monday night.

The strain was characterized by state prosecutors as a skilled manipulator and s*xual predator during the two-week trial, preying on young boys left in his care when he was a teenager.

Strain and his family maintained their composure as they learned of his fate: he was found guilty of four charges of aggravated r*pe, two counts of aggravated incest, and one count each of s*xual battery and indecent behavior with a minor. At his Jan. 18 sentencing, he faces a mandatory life term.

As he awaits his sentencing, Strain will be housed at the St. Tammany Parish Jail, where he oversaw for many years. For over two decades, the sheriff has betrayed the citizens’ faith in him.

“I don’t have a message for Jack Strain,” said Warren Montgomery, the District Attorney for St. Tammany Parish. “He stood up to his accusers. They had a message for him, I believe.”

When the victims and family members of Strain’s victims heard that the man who had caused so much harm would pay for his crimes, they broke down in tears and hugged each other across the aisle.

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“As traumatic as this process has been for the victims, it has also been therapeutic for some of the victims,” Montgomery said. “In that way, justice has been served in their case.”

Nearly two weeks of testimony took jurors just five hours to process.

Prosecutors placed their attention on Strain’s five accusers’ emotive testimonies. They said that each narrative corroborated the others, demonstrating Strain’s pattern of abuse and how he maintained power over his victims by compelling them to keep his secrets hidden.

Five men, including three of Strain’s relatives, testified against him during his trial, alleging that he r*ped them when they were youngsters.

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The five guys all admitted to feeling a great deal of humiliation after being violated, which they said kept them from coming forward for years.

Jack Strain is a native of America

Jack Strain is currently 56 years old and from Abita Springs, Louisiana. So by nationality, he holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. The educational background of Jack Strain is presently missing. Both his secondary school and the institution from where he graduated are under investigation. He might have completed his education in his hometown itself.

Jack is a married man. He has a wife named Lisa. No details on the children of Jack are available at the moment.

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Same for his parents, no details on his parents are available. Jack Strain served as the senior law enforcement officer in St. Tammany Parish for two decades.

Jack Strain’s wife, who is he married to, any children?

Lisa, Jack Strain’s 37-year-old wife, is still by his side. Strain and his wife Lisa first met in the early 1980s, but they didn’t have a movie-style love story at first sight.

jack strain wife

According to WDSU, the pair met when Jack was 16 years old and pulled Lisa over to write her a ticket.