Who are Jason David Frank Wives? Meet Tammie Frank and Shawna Frank, Children

Jason David Frank was a popular actor and mix Martial artist who was the childhood favorite for many people as he portrayed the role of  Tommy Oliver in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and other Power Rangers shows.

He was cast as the Green ranger for only 14 episodes but his role ended and due to the popularity of the character, he was brought back as the White Ranger and the new leader of the team later on in the show.

What Caused the Sudden death of Actor Jason David Frank?

People all over the world have been stunned and saddened by the passing of beloved Jason David Frank. He was adored and will always be remembered for playing the green and white power ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series. Frank, who was 49 years old, reportedly committed suicide on November 19, 2022, in Texas. His talent representative announced Frank’s passing on Instagram.

Frank’s family has requested seclusion during this terrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a lovely human being, according to the family representative. He was incredibly close to his followers, friends, and family. He will be sorely missed.”

Walter Emmanuel Jones, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers co-star, too expressed his shock and grief on social media this morning, writing that he “can’t believe it” and that he was “saddened to have lost another member of our wonderful family.” Blake Foster, who played Blake in Power Rangers Turbo, expressed his shock in a blog post “I wept all night long. heartbroken once more I lost a friend, a leader, a hero, and an icon.”

Frank has experience in a variety of mixed martial arts, including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and others, in addition to his duty as a Power Ranger. Social media is currently being used by Frank’s admirers and friends to pay tribute to a legend whose work will never be forgotten.

Personal life explored

In his lifetime, Frank was married twice, however, both marriages ended in divorce. His first union with Shawna Frank, his first wife, took place in 1994. but the couple also had a daughter and two sons.

Jason David Frank Wives

They are Hunter, Skye, and Jacob. After nearly a year of being alone following their divorce in 2001, Frank married Tammie, his second wife, in 2003.

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Ammie is a co-star in the television series My Morphine Drive and a Muay Thai Black Belt Instructor. She and he had a daughter named Jenna. They split up in August 2022 after his wife Tammie filed for divorce early in the year.