Who is Kass Theaz? Sues Parents For Tuition Fee Where is she now? Who are her parents?

Kass Theaz is a famous person on TikTok who is known for making Satire videos. She talked about taking her parents to court because they had a baby (her) without asking her first.


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In the video, Kass tells a made-up story about going to court and asking her parents for $5000 to pay for her living expenses. She makes jokes about how hard it is to work and earn money when you don’t have much experience. At the end of the video, she gives an important message, saying that people should think carefully before having kids if they are not ready to take care of them. The video quickly became popular on the internet, and many people watched it and started talking about it.

In her latest video, she shocked her viewers by revealing that she has children. But it seems like a lot of viewers didn’t understand that Theaz’s account is meant to be funny and not serious. They made mean comments about her, but in response, Kass Theaz released another video that quickly got millions of views.

Let’s dive deep into her newest clip and the things surrounding it.

Kass Theaz, the Viral woman from the “I sued my parents for having me without my permission” Video has children

Kass Theaz, a TikToker from New Jersey, gained fame for her satirical videos. Last year, she went viral with a video where she jokingly claimed to have “sued” her parents. However, this year she has once again captured the attention of internet users by revealing that she actually has children.

In response to the confusion caused by her previous video, Kass posted a new video addressing the situation. She expressed her surprise at people taking her previous video seriously, stating, “I thought it was obvious that I was joking.” She found it amusing that people can get so worked up over anything without researching or understanding the context beforehand.

Known as “Kass Theaz” on TikTok, her bio clearly indicates that her account is dedicated to satire. Last year, she became popular for her claim that she should sue her parents for bringing her into the world without her consent. Therefore, fans were perplexed when she revealed that she had children of her own.

Kass Theaz generated mixed reactions to her New Video

In a video posted on May 24, 2023, i.e. Wednesday, which garnered over 2.4 million+ views, Kass sat in a car and explained that she had children through adoption, which she referred to as the “ethical way.” She clarified, “I mentioned in my last video that I went clothes shopping for my children, and a lot of people are shocked to hear that I have children considering I sued my parents for having me without my permission.”

Kass sarcastically joked about suing her parents because she did not consent to be born and having to grow up and find a job to support herself. She emphasized that her parents did not try to contact her before she was born to ask if she wanted to exist, and that was the reason she sued them.

Maintaining a serious demeanor, Kass then suggested that pregnant women should consult a psychic medium to ask their unborn child if they actually want to be born. She humorously claimed that her life mission is to teach children to sue their parents, so they can avoid the need to work.

Regarding her own children, Kass explained that adopting them is different from giving birth to them. She asserted that it was not her fault they are there, and she is simply trying to be a good person and help them out.

The video received over 19.8k+ comments, with 2.4 million+ viewers failing to understand that Kass’s account is dedicated to satire. Some people expressed genuine confusion, asking if she had really adopted children or if someone had allowed her to adopt.

Kass Theaz hails from New Jersey

Kass Theaz hails from New Jersey. Although her exact age is currently unknown, it is estimated that she is in her mid-late 20s. Despite her relatively young age, Kass is a mother who has chosen to adopt her children.

Kass Theaz Age

While Kass has not yet revealed the identity of her parents, it is publicly known that she has filed a lawsuit against them. In her lawsuit, she accuses them of bringing her into the world without her consent and neglecting their responsibility to financially support her.

Now that she is a mother herself, Kass reflects on her own children in her recent video. She emphasizes that adopting them is a distinct experience from giving birth to them. Theaz clarifies that it is not her fault that her children are in her care, and she is simply striving to be a compassionate individual who can provide them with assistance and support.

Kass Talked about adopting children in her past video

Kass Theaz gained popularity online when she made a funny video on TikTok where she joked about suing her parents for money and college expenses. Her TikTok videos where she talks about why she sued her parents have made her famous around the world. As of 2023, she has more than 142.1k followers and almost 2.5 million likes on Her Tik Tok.

In one of her previous videos, someone commented, “You should realize by now that your parents have kicked you out of their house.” People from all over the world are praising and criticizing Kass for what she did. Some people even said that her own child might sue her in the future.

In response, she said in another video, “I’m not having kids, and I’m a lesbian.” However, it has been now revealed that she is actually a mother to her adopted children.

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At that time, many people applauded her for being brave and revealing her sexuality, while others blamed her for suing her parents in her video from last year. Some people even suggested that she should find a job, and she even made a movie about it.

She is available on several Social Media platforms

Kass Theaz is active on Instagram and TikTok. She has 7.4k+ followers on Instagram and 142.1K followers on TikTok.

Full Biography & Quick Info

Full Real Birth NameKass Theaz
Famous ForShe is in the limelight for suing her parents Viral Clip
Age The mid-late 20s
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Taurus
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde