Three American Tourists were killed in a deadly road accident hit by a lorry in Scotland

Three American tourists, Siblings Jared Bastion and Kathryn Bastion with their 75-years old mother, Mary-Lou Mach died in a big road accident in Scotland hit by a lorry which was driven by a 59-years old Scottish Driver.

The family was on vacation and originally from the United States. The devastating accident took place on August 10, 2022.

The family was driving on the A9 road at Alia, Newtonmore when they got in an accident with a lorry. Jared Bastion and Mother Mary were sadly marked dead at the scene whereas Sister Katy was evacuated to Ninewells Hospital where after a few days she also died. The Lorry driver was not injured in the accident.

Cause of this big life-taking road accident

This devastation was stuck on the 10th of August. The cause of this accident is still not known as a lorry smashed the car on the A9 road. The Cops previously inaugurated an inquiry into the incident and were captivated by any information to come forward.

Sergeant Alaisdair Mackay said, “ Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of those who have died at what is a very difficult time for all.”

Jared and Kathryn, are parents to three young

Both Jared and Kathryn Bastion were parents to three children. Jared has three young sons whereas Kathryn has three young daughters.

Jared was a very devoted father who used to love his sons very much and also he was a very good person personally.

jared bastion and kathryn bastion

“He was a true friend to many with a kind, generous heart and a gentle spirit”, said his Friends. While Kathryn Bastion’s daughters are being looked after at home with loved ones and Chris, Katy’s Husband has been staying in Scotland to arrange proceedings.

Relative’s Tribute to the family

This incident has left a huge impact on their family and relatives. Their loved ones have been left devastated, saying they are struggling with this ‘profound, unquenchable loss.’

A family statement says, “ Jared had a lot more to live and was taken from us far too soon.”

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“While all who loved him will feel this significant and profound loss, we hope that this will help ease some of the financial burdens so that his boys and their mother can focus on grieving and healing during this challenging time”, they added after fundraising for their family.

GoFundMe has been set up for the family which will help them to decrease some financial load. As they have 3 offspring each, it will be beneficial for them in growing up.