Who was Eric Phillip Fleishman and how did he die? Obituary and Cause of Death

Eric Phillip Fleishman was a Hollywood physique expert with over 20 years of experience in physical transformation.

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Is Hollywood bodybuilder Eric Phillip Fleishman dead?

On November 24, 2022, Eric Fleishman, also known as “Eric the Trainer,” passed away unexpectedly. He began his fitness career in rural Maine as a 98-pound wimp living on a farm with donkeys, pigs, and sheep.

The death of Eric the Trainer was announced on social media, and the statement reads,

“We are heartbroken to share that Eric Phillip Fleishman passed away unexpectedly on the morning of November 24, 2022. His wife Alysia, son, parents, and close friends/family are deeply saddened by this event. Eric touched many lives for the better. He was a beacon of light, hope, and love.”

“Eric’s family welcomes the community to join them in celebrating his life by sharing experiences, memories, and tributes to Celebrate. [email protected]. Please send photos, videos, music, and stories as to how Eric impacted your life. We hope to assemble these contributions for a Celebration of Life ceremony in the near term. The date and time of this event will be forthcoming shortly. This loss is devastating, and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

The cause of death for Eric Fleishman has not been confirmed by any of his relatives or close friends. According to reports, Eric Fleishman committed suicide before passing away.

When Eric was ten years old, his father enrolled him in his first martial arts class because he thought he would remain small throughout his adolescence. His lifelong love of martial arts was sparked by this, and it eventually led him to Hollywood, California. Local children, whose lumberjack fathers encouraged them to work in the woods, taunted and teased Eric.

ACE and TSI certifications

Eric Fleishman moved to New York City after receiving his degree and began working as a personal trainer in Manhattan. He worked in the industry for a total of five years before obtaining his ACE and TSI certifications. At this facility, he started creating the Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Giant workout plans.

It eventually turned into a routine made just for men and women. Eric also revealed that the three core components of the science of transformation at this time are diet, exercise, and sleep. He was regularly seen with his belt loops hanging from coat hooks, and once, he was even discovered crammed into a locker.

Eric Phillip Fleishman Age

Eric was the kid at Mt. Blue Jr. High who had the lowest likelihood of choosing a profession in physical fitness. Because of his horrified shouts during a game of flag football in gym class, his classmates gave him the nickname “Squeaky.”

He seemed to be at his senior prom with his babysitter rather than his date because of his small stature. His growth surge began in his second year of college.

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 Eric began a modest exercise regimen at Gold’s Gym in New Haven, Connecticut, after realizing he needed to bulk up his frail physique. He saw more local ladies giving him flattering glances, which piqued his interest in fitness.

About his early life

Eric Phillip Fleishman holds an American citizen and he belongs to a white ethnic group.