Doug Ericksen Dies at 52, Survived by his wife Tasha and two daughters, Addi and Elsa

Doug Ericksen, an American politician, and lobbyist, died on December 17, 2021. His family released a statement requesting privacy and sharing the sad news. Many of his social media followers expressed condolences and a curiosity to learn more about him.

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Quick Facts

Zodiac signAquarius
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseTasha Ericksen
HeightIn Feet: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Meter: 1.727 m
Centimeter: 172.72 cm
Hair ColorGolden
Eye colorBlack
Body typeFit

Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen Passed away

State Senate Republican Senator Doug Ericksen’s passed away on Friday, December 17, 2021. The details surrounding the cause of his death have not been disclosed as of yet.

Just weeks before his passing, Ericksen revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19 while in El Salvador. It remains unclear why he had traveled to the country. Seeking guidance and assistance, he reached out to his fellow Republican colleagues, expressing a need for monoclonal antibody treatment, which was unavailable in El Salvador at the time.

“I traveled to El Salvador and was diagnosed with COVID shortly after arriving. I’m unable to return home, and I believe it would be helpful for me to undergo an intravenous infusion of monoclonal antibodies (Regeneron).

Fortunately, Ericksen was able to secure a medevac flight, transporting him from El Salvador to a Florida hospital, where he began his recovery. Since then, no further updates had been released regarding his location or condition.

Although I have a doctor who can administer the IV, the product is not available in my country.”

“Do any of you have any suggestions for how I could get the monoclonal antibodies sent to me in the United States? In an ideal world, I’d like to get it on a flight tonight and have it here by tomorrow.”

In an email to coworkers, he wrote, according to the Seattle outlet:

The state Senate Republican caucus confirmed his death but did not say where he died.

The Ferndale Republican reached out to Republican colleagues last month, saying he had taken a trip to El Salvador and tested positive for Covid-19 shortly after he arrived. The reasons for his visit were unclear.

In a message to state House and Senate members, Ericksen asked for advice on how to receive monoclonal antibodies, which were not then available in El Salvador.

He soon arranged a medevac flight out of El Salvador, former state representative Luanne Van Werven said. Van Werven said the next week the senator was recovering at a Florida hospital. No information about Ericksen’s location or condition had since been released.

Doug Ericksen Early Life

Doug was 52 years old as of his death. He was born on the year 1969 and resides in Bellingham, Washington. He celebrates his birth on January 28. According to his birth month, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Erickson graduated from Cornell University with a B.A. in government and Western Washington University with an M.A. in political science and environmental policy. For most of his career, Ericksen worked for the government.

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He worked for the Washington State Senate and the Senate Republican Caucus as a policy analyst. He previously worked for the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Legislative Affairs Coordinator and as Ann Anderson’s campaign manager for lieutenant governor in 1996.

Doug Ericksen was a happily married man

Doug Eicksen married with wife Tasha Ericksen, who had two children Addi and Elsa. Tasha Ericksen is a primary school teacher who has worked as a substitute and assistant at large schools for numerous years.

She was the delighted mother of Doug’s two wonderful children, with whom they shared a home in Ferndale, Washington.

Tasha Ericksen, who seems to be 21 based on her Facebook profile. Tasha is currently attending Dartmouth College, where she is majoring in government with a focus on economics and philosophy, according to the Mirror section of the Dartmouth online news page.

Doug Ericksen’s In-Depth Career

Early Career and Political Beginnings

Doug Ericksen started his political journey while attending Western Washington University, where he worked for Washington State Senator Ann Anderson of the 42nd Legislative District. In 1998, he joined the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Legislative Affairs Coordinator, laying the foundation for his future in public service.

Washington State House of Representatives

In 1998, Ericksen left the Department of Fish and Wildlife to pursue a career in politics. He ran for the Washington State House of Representatives and was elected. Throughout his six terms in office, Ericksen gained valuable experience and knowledge on legislative matters.

Doug Ericksen was elected to the Washington State Senate after serving in the House. In his role as the ranking member of the Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee, he opposed bills intended to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, reflecting his stance on environmental policy.

In November 2016, when people were protesting against Donald Trump and fracking, Ericksen wrote a law that wanted to classify certain protest activities, like blocking traffic and rail lines, as economic terrorism. The law suggested charging people with serious crimes if they took part in such activities. Ericksen explained his opinion by saying that even though he believed in the right to protest as guaranteed by the First Amendment, blocking a train was not considered protected under the First Amendment.

Role at the United States Environmental Protection Agency

In January 2017, Doug Ericksen took on a temporary job as the acting head of communications at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, he made it clear that he wouldn’t quit his job as a senator. Even though he was offered a position as a Senior Advisor for Public Engagement, he turned it down because he was worried about the commute and his duties as a senator.

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Ericicksen barely won the re-election in 2018 with 49.9% of the votes. In November 2020, he introduced a bill to abolish the long-standing mail-in voting system in the state. He cited unverified concerns about the security of the election. Ericicksen made baseless claims about widespread voter fraud in the state’s 2020 election, causing controversy and facing opposition.

In 2021, Ericksen became an important figure as the main supporter of a law called “Protecting the right of every Washington resident to decline an immunization or vaccination for COVID-19.” He also expressed disagreement with government actions intended to decrease the transmission of COVID-19, such as wearing masks, maintaining distance from others, and mandating vaccines.