Army Veteran and Great Pianist, Rene Paulo, dies at 92

Rene Paulo, the legendary pianist, and army veteran, who is known as Hawaii’s favorite and most famous pianist, passed away at 92. Discover his early life, family, career, and the impact he made on the music industry. A must-read for music lovers and those who want to know more about a remarkable musician and human being, who left us with memories and music to cherish forever.”

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Pianist and Army veteran Rene Paulo passed away at the age of 92

It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of Rene Paulo, a legendary pianist and army veteran, who passed away peacefully at the Triple Army Medical Center on Wednesday night. Rene Paulo was known to many as “Hawaii’s Favorite and Most Famous Pianist” and his passing is a great loss to the world of music.

“Rene Paulo was more than a friend; he was family to me,” “I met my wife, Nancy Bernal, while performing at his nightclub, ‘Opus One’, 46 years ago. I am very grateful to Rene and his wonderful and talented family for being my ohana. I will miss Rene, especially experiencing his incredible talent and warm personality throughout the years.”

fellow entertainer Al Waterson said:

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Rene Paulo’s family and friends, fellow entertainers, and fans are mourning his loss and remembering him for his incredible talent, warm personality, and dedication to his craft. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but his music and legacy will live on forever.

Rene Paulo, A Devoted Husband, and Loving Father

Rene Paulo was not only a talented pianist but also a devoted husband and father. He was married to his lovely wife Akemi Paulo, who was a constant source of support and inspiration throughout his career. Together, they shared a deep love for music and a strong commitment to their family.

Rene and Akemi had a daughter, Kathy Paulo-Hirai, who followed in her father’s footsteps and became a talented musician in her own right. Kathy grew up surrounded by music and was encouraged to pursue her own passion for the piano. She studied under her father’s guidance and quickly developed her own unique style and voice as a pianist.

Kathy Paulo-Hirai shared the stage with her father on several occasions and had the opportunity to perform with him.

Rene Paulo’s wife and daughter have been an integral part of his life and career, and they continue to carry on his legacy through their own musical pursuits.

American pianist Rene Paulo’s Education and Early life

Rene Paulo was raised in Wahiawa, Hawaii, and was born in 1930. His mother’s parents were from the Philippines and his grandfather had entered the US military, leading to his naturalization as a citizen. Growing up, Rene was surrounded by music and was encouraged to pursue his passion for the piano.

After graduating from high school, Rene attended the Juilliard School of Music in New York, where he studied under renowned teachers such as Gerald Tracy and Lonnie Epstein. During his time at Juilliard, Rene developed his skills as a classical pianist and honed his technique.

Rene Paulo enjoying a dinner with his family members

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Rene Family trip to Disneyland

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Rene Paulo Family
Rene Paulo Childrens

Paulo’s family, has a musical bond that transcends time.

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After completing his studies at Juilliard, Rene returned to Hawaii where he began performing professionally. He quickly established himself as one of the most talented pianists in the state and was often referred to as “Hawaii’s Favorite and Most Famous Pianist.”

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In addition to his successful music career, Rene Paulo served in the United States Army during the Korean War. He was also active in his community. Being a member of the Leeward Oahu Lion’s Club and the St. Joseph Church Choir.

Rene Paulo Musical Legacy Spanning Decades

Throughout his career, Rene had several invitations to do concerts in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. He shared the stage with famous musicians like Alfred Apaka, Hilo Hattie, Don Ho, and Sandii. Rene’s versatility as a pianist was on display at these performances, as he effortlessly moved between different genres and styles.

One of Rene’s most notable performances was at the Triple Army Medical Center. Where he was invited to play for the patients and staff. This performance was particularly special for Rene. As it was an opportunity for him to give back to those who had served in the armed forces. Including himself as he had served during the Korean War.

Rene’s passion for music extended beyond his performances and recordings. He was also dedicated to teaching and mentoring young musicians. He often held masterclasses and workshops, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring pianists.

Throughout his career, Rene Paulo received many accolades and awards for his contributions to the world of music. He was a respected figure in the entertainment industry and his passing is a great loss to the world of music.