Zack Nelson wife Cambry Kaylor Relationship Timeline — First meet, Pregnancy to Child

Discover the heartwarming and inspiring story of Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor’s journey of love, challenges, and happiness. From their unexpected meeting to the birth of their son. This article will take you on a journey of how they met, fell in love, overcame challenges, and built a strong family.

Get ready to be touched by their love story and be inspired by their resilience and determination. So, sit back and enjoy reading about the journey of Zack and Cambry.

Who is Zack Nelson’s wife Cambry Kaylor?

Cambry Kaylor is a unique and inspiring individual who has faced many challenges in her life but has always found a way to overcome them and live a joyful life. Born on March 11, 1987, in the US, she has been living with permanent paralysis from the waist down since 2005. Despite this, she has never let her condition define her or hold her back.

Cambry was an equestrian vaulter for ten years before her accident, but her acrobatic dismount was hampered by a breakdown in communication with her equine partner, and she landed in a position that fractured her back and rendered her paralyzed from the waist down.

Zack Nelson Wife Cambry Kaylor

After her surgery, she initially struggled to come to terms with her new reality, but eventually found a way to cope and even thrived.

Cambry is also an Instagram influencer and shares photographs of her daily life and travels, inspiring many with her positive attitude and ability to find joy in challenging circumstances. She is also known for being a supportive wife to her husband Zack Nelson, a popular tech YouTuber, and the mother of their son Cyrus.

Cambry Kaylor’s paralysis cause:

Before her life-altering tragedy in June 2005, Cambry had been an equestrian vaulter for ten years. Her acrobatic dismount was hampered by a breakdown in communication with her equine partner, and she landed in a position that fractured her back and rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. She wanted to think that her surgery was only a bad dream afterward, but she eventually came to terms with her reality.

After considerable searching, Cambry discovered a person who could show her how to walk with braces and canes. She tried for almost two years to learn how to walk but gave up when she realized how useless the therapy was. She came to the realization that walking wasn’t necessary for happiness.

When Kay returned to the stables and began working as a coach there, she was able to find happiness once more. With time, she managed to mount a horse once more, and these days, she doesn’t require assistance. She has also discovered how to have fun in challenging and unpleasant circumstances.

Who is Zack Nelson?

Jerry Rigeverything also known as Zack Nelson is among one of the most popular tech YouTubers, is well-known all over the world.

He often uploads videos to his YouTube account, where he has amassed a sizable subscriber following.

Zack Nelson Photo

Now, Zack is a source of inspiration for millions of people worldwide. Zack and Cambry keep making videos together and posting them. Nelson features his family, including his life partner and a 1-year-old child, in addition to his tech channel.

Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor’s relationship timeline:

Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylore share the bond of marriage among themselves. They are a married couple and have been an inspiration to many couples out there. They have been supportive of each other no matter what the situation and circumstances.

How and where did they first meet?

Zack and Cambry first met on a dating app. Where Zack stumbled upon Cambry’s profile and was immediately drawn to her positive attitude and her ability to find joy in life despite her challenges. Their first date was a meeting of two souls that were meant to be together.

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They discovered that they complemented each other quite well and their connection was instant. They went on their first trip together, with Zack providing transportation for his girlfriend who has special needs.

Cambry Kaylor shared their first photo together on Instagram.

Cambry Kaylor shared their first photo together on Instagram on October 25, 2018, and it was a moment that nobody expected.

They both smiled, with the natural chemistry and affection between them, it was a photo that spoke a thousand words.

Cambry shared the photo with a caption that expressed her love and gratitude for Zack. How he had changed her life for the better.

She wrote about how she had never thought that anyone would want to be with her after her accident, but Zack had proved her wrong. He had shown her that her wheelchair did not define her and that she was worthy of love and happiness.

The photo was an instant hit, and it was shared and liked by thousands of people. Fans and followers of the couple were touched by the love and connection that they saw in the photo, and they expressed their well wishes and congratulations.

Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor’s marriage

Zack and Cambry’s bond grew stronger, and on April 2019, Zack proposed. It was a moment filled with emotion and love, and it was clear that they were meant to be together. They were married on September 3, 2019, and their wedding was a celebration of their love and commitment to each other.

Zack, being the creative and thoughtful person that he is, gave the marriage an emotional touch by crafting his wedding band out of titanium from Cambry’s first wheelchair. The ring was a symbol of their love and the journey they had been through together. It was a reminder of the challenges they had faced, and how they had come out stronger on the other side.

Cambry was moved by the thought and effort that Zack had put into the ring. She expressed her love and gratitude in her Instagram post. She wrote about how she had never thought that anyone would want to put her wheelchair in their wedding ring, but Zack had proved her wrong. He had shown her that her wheelchair did not define her and that she was worthy of love and happiness.

The couple’s marriage was not just about them, but it was also about the love and support that they had for each other and how they had found happiness in each other despite the challenges they had faced.

Cambry Kaylor’s pregnancy journey

Cambry shared the details of her conception in an emotional post from late December 2021. The couple’s baby, who was born in early October 2021, was ten weeks old at that point.

Zack Nelson wife Cambry Kaylor announce her Pregnancy

On June 18, 2021, Cambry shocked her Instagram followers by jokingly announcing her pregnancy.

Kaylor admitted that because of her immobility, she didn’t think she would have children. She phoned a fertility clinic nonetheless because she still wanted to be certain. She was told by medical professionals that her egg-splitting issues precluded her from becoming pregnant naturally.

However, fertility medications might improve the viability of her eggs to enable IVF. Her fertility was improved by the therapy.

The next stage was to get Cambry’s body ready for embryo transplantation. She benefited from her paralysis because she was unable to feel the numerous injections. But the synthetic hormones had a negative impact on her mental state.

“I did however feel more emotional than I had ever been. The synthetic hormones running through my body led to lack of motivation, feeling sorry for myself, and entertaining the thought that I’d never get pregnant.”

As Cambry put it:

Five days before a planned relocation, the coronavirus pandemic struck, greatly escalating Cambry’s worry. Unfortunately, the embryo did not attach despite extensive preparation and positive test results.

“I wasn’t anticipating that. And they weren’t, either.

Cambry wrote

The miscarriage confirmed her belief that she would never become pregnant. Cambry, who was never one to give up, attempted twice more but failed. Cambry became more and more dejected with each failure.

She worked with a therapist to let go of her anxieties and feelings of inadequacy before attempting again. Then Cambry registered for her final effort. Her heavy sedation was required before to the treatment due to an unanticipated problem.

This time, however, the embryo stuck. Cambry wrote: “I didn’t believe the clinic when they told me. I didn’t believe it when they said I was still pregnant a week later. Or even 6 weeks later. And now that he’s 10 weeks old, I still can hardly believe he’s really here.”

Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor’s posted their son on Instagram on October 8, 2021

On October 8, 2021, Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor’s world was forever changed by the arrival of their newborn son. The couple shared the news and a photo of their new bundle of joy on Instagram.

The couple’s followers and fans were thrilled by the news, and they expressed their well wishes and congratulations.

The Joyful Arrival of Zack and Cambry’s Newborn Child Cyrus

Zack and Cambry’s son, Cyrus, is a young child who has likely brought a lot of joy and love into their lives. Despite the challenges that Cambry has faced in her life, including being permanently paralyzed. The couple have been able to find happiness and build a loving family together.

Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor Son Cyrus

Cyrus is likely still quite young and is probably just beginning to discover the world around him. He may be starting to learn how to walk, talk, and explore his environment. He is probably full of energy and curiosity and is likely a constant source of entertainment and amusement for his parents.

Cyrus may also be exposed to the tech world as his father is a tech YouTuber, it is possible that he could be interested in technology as well and may be able to learn from his father.