John Wayne Gacy case Prosecutor, William J. Kunkle Jr., dies at 81

William J. Kunkle Jr. was the prosecutor who won John Wayne Gacy’s execution and might have continued to enjoy the fame of the case for the rest of his work career.

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William J. Kunkle Jr the prosecutor in the John Wayne Gacy case passed away at the age of 81.

William J. Kunkle Jr. was discovered dead on Saturday in his house in the neighborhood of Indian Head Park.

Mr. Kunkle was recalled by his family and friends as a strict but compassionate guy who had a busy life outside of work, organizing pals for annual cross-country motorcycle journeys and golf excursions in Florida. He was a perfect example of the “prosecutor everyone aspired to be like.”

His Daughter and Colleagues give tributes to him

Daniel said,

“He had some great teachers, but the student became the teacher,” “We all learned from him many times in the state’s attorney’s office.”

His Daughter Susan Kunkel said,

“He had a powerful presence. When he spoke people listened.”

Sarah Florence Nesti Kunkle is the wife of William J. Kunkle Jr. passed away in 2014. His daughters are two.

 He served as the special prosecutor for the “DuPage 7,” a group of seven law enforcement officials who were acquitted after being accused of fabricating evidence to convict Rolando Cruz of the 1983 abduction, r*pe, and murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico in Naperville Township.

Chicago Police

He was the leader of an unsuccessful defense team for infamous Chicago Police Lt. Jon Burge, who was charged with torturing scores of people into making false confessions.

He also participated in the congressional investigation that resulted in the resignation of former House Speaker Jim Wright, a Democrat from Texas. In 1985, Mr. Kunkle transitioned from the state’s attorney’s office to a private practice.

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He served as the Illinois Gaming Board’s chairman from 1990 to 1993 before becoming a Cook County judge from 1993 until his retirement in 2014. According to coworkers, Mr. Kunkle served as an associate public defense in Cook County for a year or two before becoming a prosecutor.

Then, in 1973, he was employed by Bernard Carey as an assistant state’s attorney; Carey later selected him to bring the Gacy case to trial.

About his Personal Life and Education

Sarah Florence Nesti Kunkle is the wife of William J. Kunkle Jr. passed away in 2014. His daughters are two.

William J. Kunkle Jr. Age

Sarah Florence obtained his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, spent a few years working for Union Carbide in South Carolina, and then went back to school to get his law degree.

About His early life and Family members

Sarah Florence was born in Lakewood, Ohio in 1941(41 years old). He holds an American Nationality and he belongs to the white ethnic group.

Sarah Florence was the oldest child of three brothers. He grew raised in Fairview Park, a western Cleveland neighborhood. Bob Kunkle is his brother’s name.