TikTok: Who was Idan Ohayon? Dies at 28

Idan Ohayon is an Israeli famous TikTok star who is known for mocking his own obesity was born in 1994. Idan frequently made videos of himself eating and would not hesitate to giggle at his own weight. The TikTok star had as of late been cast in a documentary-reality show which is called ‘The Creatoks’ where he and other social media influencers fought for the title of Israel’s best content creator.

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Famous Israeli TikTok star popular for mocking his own obesity dies at age of 28

Israeli social media personality famous for posting about his love of eating and mocking his own obesity has died aged just 28. His family confirmed that the reason for his death was a medical condition and that his memorial service would be held at a graveyard in Kiryat Gat.

Social Media Star, Idan Ohayon unfortunately, passed away last evening, and tributes have proactively started to pour in from his loving fans. His most recent Instagram posts were overwhelmed with remarks from a considerable lot of his 45,000 followers who couldn’t believe the horrendous news about him. Including his Instagram following as well as 115k fans on TikTok and thousands on YouTube, he was one of the more notable influencers in his Israel Community.

How Idan Ohayon became popular on Social Media?

Ohayon had momentarily taken some time off from social media however he confirmed his return in an interview couple of months prior and he told Ynet: At some point, I chose to get back to social media, so I uploaded a video on TikTok. The video got 300,000 views in 24 hours, so I posted another video and another, and views continued to come.

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He also added, “I got back to my previous lifestyle and gained a lot of followers and it was cool. Individuals even remembered me when I was walking in the city and requested selfies”.

What was the Net worth of Social Media star, Idan Ohayon?

According to the different reports, his net worth is found to be more than $200k. His main source of income was from TikTok and Instagram through the sponsors which made a good source of income for him.

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Which Social Media Platform is used by Idan Ohayon?

Idan is available on his TikTok and as well as in his Instagram account. He has more than 140K on his TikTok account and more than 50k followers on his Instagram account. His following was over 200 thousand users across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube which made him quite popular on social media.

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Idan Ohayon had a positive impact he had on the lives of many. He will be missed by so many fans.

We are sending a lot of love and support to his family in this difficult time. Rest in peace, Idan.