Terry Fator Had Everyone Confused about How Many wives he had

Terry Fator is a multi-talented entertainer who has won the hearts of millions with his remarkable skills as a ventriloquist, impressionist, stand-up comedian, and singer. Born on June 10, 1965, in Dallas, Texas, Fator began performing at the age of eight and went on to pursue his passion for entertainment as a career. Fator has been married three times. He was first married to Melinda Fator in 1991 and divorced in 2010. He then married Taylor Makakoa in 2010, who also appeared in his Las Vegas show, but they divorced in 2015. Currently, Fator is married to Angie Fiore.

Fator gained widespread recognition after winning the second season of the popular reality TV show “America’s Got Talent” in 2007. His unique blend of ventriloquism, impersonations, and singing impressed both the judges and the audience, leading to his victory and a grand prize of one million dollars. Apart from his success on the show, Fator has also been a regular performer in Las Vegas, where he has his own show at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. He has released several albums and DVDs, including “Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas” and “Terry Fator: It Starts Tonight.”

Terry Fator is married Three times

In terms of his personal life, Fator has been married thrice. He was first married to Melinda Fator in 1991, and before divorcing in 2010. He then married Taylor Makakoa in 2010, who also appeared in his Las Vegas show, but the couple later divorced in 2015. currently, terry is married to Angie Fiore.

Terry Fator’s first Marriage with Melinda

Terry and Melinda got married in the year 1991. Melinda Fator, who is an actress, is well-known for her roles in Stories from the Anglo-Files (2013) and Dumbstruck (2010). However, after 19 years of being together, the couple decided to separate and eventually get a divorce in 2010.

Terry Fator first wife Melinda

According to a source, Terry Fator revealed that their marital problems had existed before he had even become famous and that his rise to fame had only exacerbated the issues they were already facing. He claimed that his wife had been unfaithful, didn’t want to have children, and had isolated him from his family. But it seems the real reason behind this was the fact that they were unable to have children, which had put a significant strain on their marriage over time.

Terry Fator’s second marriage with Taylor Dew

In 2010, at the age of 45, Terry tied the knot with Makakoa, a Hawaiian model, in Las Vegas. she was the stage assistant in his show. She was 22 at the time, and the two had first met during an audition for Terry’s Las Vegas show after he won “America’s Got Talent” in the fall of 2007. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work out well and they decided to separate in 2015 after a trial separation.

Terry Fator Second Wife Taylor Dew

In a joint statement, Terry and Makakoa announced their decision to end their marriage, stating that it was a mutual one and that their professional relationship would remain the same. Makakoa would continue to be part of the show and maintain her role as president of the company.

“(F)ollowing a trial separation, we are ending our marriage. It’s a mutual decision and things are going to remain the same at the show — Taylor will continue to be in the show and will maintain her role as president of the company,” the two announced in a statement.

“We are the best of friends who love and respect each other, but life sometimes goes in a different direction. We hope the public can respect the friendship we have as we deal with this difficult decision as a family.”

Source: Las Vegas review journal

Despite the separation, the two emphasized that they were still good friends who loved and respected each other.

Terry Fator’s Current wife Angie Fiore is a head chef

Angie Fiore is a highly skilled event planner and head chef of Dallas Catering Events where With her extensive knowledge and experience in event planning, Angie has established herself as a passionate and enthusiastic professional in her field.

While her early professional history is unknown, she currently enjoys a rewarding career at Dallas Catering Events, a reputable event planner and caterer. Beyond her work responsibilities, Angie balances her family life with her husband Terry Fator, a successful musician, and their loved ones at home. During events, Angie not only oversees food preparation but also serves food and drinks to their clientele.

Terry Fator Current Wife Angie Fiore

Angie has received a significant amount of attention since 2015, garnering the admiration of Terry’s fans who leave kind messages for her on social media. Though she has no social media presence of her own, Terry’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts feature a plethora of photos of her.

Terry and his wife Angie first met at a charity event

In the year 2015, Terry and Angie had the pleasure of meeting each other at a charity event. What they didn’t know at the time was that their meeting was actually a setup. Angie, who was already acquainted with the comedian’s sister, had expressed her interest in meeting Terry in the hopes of developing a close friendship with him. Terry’s sister, being aware of this desire, took the initiative to bring them together by hiring Angie as the caterer for a philanthropic event that she was organizing.

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During the event, Terry and Angie had the opportunity to converse and get to know each other. It was during this time that they felt a romantic connection brewing between them. After a few months of getting to know each other and spending time together, Terry felt that it was time to take the relationship to the next level. In front of a large crowd, the singer got down on one knee and proposed to the cook, expressing his deep love and commitment to her.

Terry Got Married to Angie twice

Fator and Angie had the opportunity to celebrate their marriage twice, with two distinct events. The first ceremony was held in honor of Angie’s parents’ 66th wedding anniversary. The couple had a private ceremony on September 3, 2015, where Angie exchanged vows with her partner, Terry, a singer. The ceremony was a tribute to Angie’s parents’ milestone and was attended by close family members and friends.

The second wedding ceremony was a grand celebration held on November 28, 2015. Fator and Angie exchanged their vows once again in front of a large gathering of friends and family. This event was hosted to commemorate their marriage and share their joy with their loved ones. The couple was thrilled to have the chance to celebrate their anniversary twice, and it was a significant moment for them.

Terry and Angie Fator are often seen together at various events

Terry and Angie have been seen with his spouse on numerous occasions, including film premieres and other events. In 2016, the couple was spotted attending the “Criss Angel Mindfreak Live!” world premiere, where they likely enjoyed the show and socialized with other guests. The following year, they made an appearance at the 2017 Vegas Cares Fundraiser at The Venetian, an event that raised money for a variety of important causes.

On January 26, 2019, Fator and his significant other attended the annual ball of the Nevada Ballet Theater. The event was a formal affair, and both Fator and his wife dressed accordingly. Fator was observed wearing a tie, formal slacks, a shirt, and a coat, while his wife looked stunning in a mermaid gown.

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Later that year, on March 15, 2019, Angie performed at Terry’s 10-year anniversary show at The Mirage. Fator and his wife arrived at the event dressed to impress, with Angie in a gorgeous gown and Fator in a full shimmering suit. The event was likely a celebration of Terry’s career and accomplishments, and Fator and his spouse were there to show their support and enjoy the festivities.

Terry Fator is yet to be a parent

The comedian and singer have tied the knot thrice, but there is no news or indication from him about being a parent. Furthermore, it appears that Fator has not taken any steps toward adopting children thus far, indicating that he is not currently considering parenthood.