Who is Marques Brownlee Wife or Girlfriend Nikki Hair, Are they Even Married?

Nikki Hair is well known for being the girlfriend of world-famous tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee. Nikki likes to play frisbee with a team called New York Gridlock Ultimate. The team picked her to be part of their group in 2020, but she had to take a break because she got hurt.

However, she’s all better now and ready to play again. In this article, we will get to know more about her life, siblings, husband, and career.

Nikki Hair Family and Early Life

Nikki Hair is an American Citizen and she belongs to the white ethnicity. Hair came from a family that really liked sports. She has 11 siblings, so they always had enough people to play soccer together. Nikki started playing ultimate frisbee when she went to Drew University.

She really likes playing on the beach and this made her even more interested in the sport. Nowadays, Nikki is part of a club team called NY XIST and she’s really happy to be playing for her fifth season with NY Gridlock.

Nikki Hair Career

Nikki Hair is part of the New York Gridlock Ultimate frisbee team. The team picked her to be on their roster in 2020, but she had to take a break because she got hurt. Luckily, she’s all better now and ready to play again. Nikki really likes playing beach ultimate and this made her even more interested in the sport.

She’s excited to be playing with NYGL again for another season and in November, she posted on Instagram that she’s happy to trust her body again after dealing with injuries for many years. She thanked Matchfit Performance for helping her get started and all her teammates for motivating her to keep going with their workout selfies.

Meet Nikki Hair’s Husband- Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is a famous YouTuber who talks about technology. People know him as MKBHD. He also plays Ultimate Frisbee very well. He has a lot of subscribers on YouTube, more than 16 million. His videos have been watched more than 3 billion times in total.

Someone who used to work for Google said that he is the best technology reviewer in the world. When he was in high school, he started making videos on YouTube. He would show new products and talk about things he already had. At first, he made videos about how to use different kinds of technology.

Nikki Hair Husband Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee and Nikki Hair have been together since 2016 and they got married on August 27, 2016. Nikki has always been supportive of Marques and has motivated him to succeed. In one of their pictures from 2016, they were holding a prize, which suggested that their hard work had finally paid off. They regularly post photos on social media that show their love and respect for each other. However, they also like to tease each other on Instagram.

For example, in a post from 2021, Nikki referred to Marques as a volunteer who asked to take a picture with her, even though they were clearly a couple. On Marques’ birthday in 2020, she joked that he was an “old man” for turning 27 that year.

Marques and his wife have faced many controversies

Marques is known for his tech reviews and connecting with his fans, but people have also been interested in his personal life. In 2016, he posted a photo of himself with his girlfriend Nikki Hair on Instagram, and it became very popular on social media.

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Unfortunately, some people criticized their relationship because they come from different races. Despite this, Marques and Nikki stayed together and grew even closer. They didn’t let the negative comments bring them down and instead chose to focus on their love for each other.

They love each other company

Nikki Hair and Marques Brownlee seem to really enjoy each other’s company and often express their love for each other through social media. They frequently post photos of themselves together and leave heartfelt messages of appreciation and affection in the captions.

Nikki Hair Husband Marques Brownlee Hiking

Despite their romantic posts, they also like to have fun and poke fun at each other on Instagram. Their relationship appears to be loving and strong. Marques Brownlee and his girlfriend have shared some funny moments together, as shown in Brownlee’s tweet from August 27, 2018. He had promised to cook dinner for her but ended up needing eight stitches on his finger just five minutes later.

The YouTuber and his partner seem to prioritize staying active and healthy, as they frequently participate in physical activities like working out and cycling. They also enjoy taking trips and relaxing vacations to unwind and have fun.

Nikki Hair: Marques’s biggest supporter

Marques Brownlee’s girlfriend has been very supportive of him since they started dating. She loves him and shows it by posting about him on Instagram. One post from June 4, 2020, featured a video of Marques where he questioned his frisbee skills and wondered if he was only on the team because he was black. Despite this, his girlfriend continues to support him and their relationship is going strong.

She quoted:

“This was hard to hear, even harder because it came from someone I love, and I can’t even say I understand.
Please continue to educate yourselves, and have conversations with your children and the people around you. I still have a lot to learn and I will not stop using my privilege to speak up for those who have and are still suffering.”

Why hadn’t Marques previously revealed his middle name?

Marques Brownlee, the tech reviewer, had kept his middle name a secret from his followers for a long time. He made a promise to reveal it only after his YouTube channel gained 10 million subscribers. In 2019, his channel reached the milestone he had set for himself.

To keep his promise, Marques posted a video thanking his supporters for their love and revealing his middle name as “Keith,” which was also his father’s middle name. It was a special moment for his fans who had been eagerly waiting for him to share this information with them. His dedication to his subscribers and his willingness to keep his promise show his strong connection with his audience.

Marques’ mother is his manager

Marques has spent a lot of time on YouTube, where he became famous for his reviews of gadgets. He earned many accolades and gained a large following. He even had the opportunity to meet famous people like Bill Gates and Kobe Bryant. His success led to him being featured in Time Magazine, Forbes Tech, and many other publications.

Marques Brownlee Parents

While Marques’ professional accomplishments are impressive, he has kept his personal life private. We know that his father, Marlon Brownlee, works as an IT consultant, and his manager is Marlon’s wife, Jeaniene Brownlee. Marques also has a sister named Simone. Throughout his career, Marques has been supported by his parents, who have encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Is she available on any kind of social media platform?

Nikki Hair is active on Instagram. She has 6,650+ followers on Instagram