U.S. Army veteran, Terry Barker, was identified as a Dallas air show collision victim

Texas, Keller Terry Barker, a former Keller city councilman and veteran of the United States Army, was one of the six people killed on Saturday in the collision between two vintage World War II military aircraft, according to Mayor Armin Mizani.

“Terry Barker was beloved by many. He was a friend and someone whose guidance I often sought,” Milani wrote in a tribute to Barker on Sunday. “Even after retiring from serving on the City Council and flying for American Airlines, his love for the community was unmistakable.”

On Saturday afternoon in Dallas, during the Wings Over Dallas air show, which bills itself as “America’s Premier World War II Airshow,” a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber and a P-63 Kingcobra fighter plane collided.

The show, which featured more than 40 World War II-era aircraft, was slated to take place from November 11–13, over Veterans Day weekend.

“Yesterday [Barker] was flying to honor the greatest generation,” Mayor Mizani said Sunday. “Today, the Field of Honor in front of Keller Town Hall will remain standing an additional week in his honor.”

Approximately 30 miles to the northwest of the crash site is Keller, a Fort Worth suburb.

Mizani shared his tributes on social media.

“Barker was a husband, a dad, a recent grandfather, and he was a friend, and someone who provided a lot of guidance for me,” said Mizani.  

“I did reach out to his wife and expressed my condolences and let her know that she’s got a community behind her. She’s obviously grieving tremendously and so is her family,” said Mizani.

Barker and Len Root, another pilot who perished in the collision, were both members of the Allied Pilots Association, the organization that represents pilots working for American Airlines.

A massive explosion was seen in the collision’s video when the P-63 fighter plane appeared to careen into the B-17 bomber, sending both vehicles to the ground.

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Clay Jenkins, the Dallas County Judge, stated that investigators were still trying to identify and contact the deceased’s next of kin on Sunday. On the ground, nobody was hurt.

The inquiry into the collision is being overseen by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Terry Barker Barker had retired after a career with American Airlines and was a spouse, father, grandfather, and Army veteran.

Skilled Pilot

Barker, an Army veteran who sat on the city council from 1999 to 2003, is now deceased. He was a skilled pilot as well.

“He was a pilot for American Airlines. He was a captain. He just recently retired in 2020. But he was with American Airlines for 36 years,” said Mizani.

To honor Barker, a Veterans Day exhibit with hundreds of American flags will remain in place in front of Keller Town Hall for an additional week.

He leaves a wife, two sons, and a brand-new granddaughter in his wake.

In honor of Barker, a banner will be erected at the Veterans Day show, according to Mizani.