Street Outlaws: Lee Roberts

Lee Roberts is famous for being on a TV show called Street Outlaws, which is about illegal street racing in the United States. The show started in 2013 and has spin-off series like America’s List and No Prep Kings. One of the racers on the show is JJ Da Boss, who has been on it for a long time.

Lee Roberts is from Savanna, Tennessee, and has been racing with the MSO for a while. He has a car called Nightforce, a 1973 Chevrolet Nova with a powerful engine and two nitrous-oxide kits. Although he may not be the loudest member of the MSO, he is among the toughest to beat.

Who is JJ Da Boss?

JJ Da Boss is the nickname of Jonathan Day, the main racer on the Memphis team. He races with his wife, Tricia Day, and other team members like Lee Roberts, Brian Britt, Jeff James, and Doughboy. JJ grew up around street racing and watched his dad race when he was very young.

He has a big following on Instagram with 203k+ followers, where he shares pictures of his family, cars, pets, and more. He also has a merchandise page where you can buy things like T-shirts, caps, and decals.

Is Lee Roberts, from “Street Outlaws: Memphis,” related to JJ Da Boss?

Viewers of Street Outlaws: Memphis are aware that Lee and JJ are as close as two people on a reality show could possibly be. The pair frequently offer one another assistance, make jokes, and connect in a number of significant ways that, to be honest, we don’t see much of from the other celebrities. Many people have assumed that the two are linked in some way because of their open connection, but that has never been confirmed to be true.

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According to our research team, it has been revealed that Lee and JJ are merely two excellent friends who get along well and that they have no known familial ties to one another.

Lee Roberts’ Family and Siblings

Lee Roberts’ family is originally from Savanna, Tennessee. His family has an interest in hunting and fishing. His Tennessee-based mother, Sarah Roberts, is his strongest supporter and resides in Somerville. Her love for her son and devotion to following his race is evident in her social media posts.

Sarah is a talented bakery chef who enjoys creating a variety of delicacies, as can be seen on her Facebook page. Teresa Nelson is Lee Roberts’ sister; he does not have a brother.

Lee Roberts Siblings

Teresa graduated from Hardin County High School before attending Troy University to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Her Facebook profile states that she is employed by the US Air Force.

Nelson shares his brother’s merchandise in her profile and has been supporting him. She added in the caption that it is the ideal present for racing enthusiasts.

Lee Roberts’s wife and children

Brittany Johnson, the wife of Lee Roberts of the Street Outlaws, works at Jackson Madison County Medical Hospital. She is a nurse by profession. They have three children together.

Since March 2018, she has been employed by the county hospital. She worked as a registered nurse at Magnolia Regional Health Center and Deaconess Homecare, per her Facebook profile. She was a member of the class of 2011 and pursued nursing at the University of Memphis.

The wedding took place on February 2, 2013. They had been in a love relationship for a very long time and had known each other since they were teenagers.

Lee Roberts Wife and Family

The person who cheers for him the loudest is his partner, who has been present during races to encourage him. He frequently posts images of himself and his wife attending races on his Instagram.

Hayden, Brad, and a new baby are three of the couple’s children. Many pictures of Lee and his kids hunting various animals on Facebook suggest that Lee enjoys the activity.

He takes them deer hunting, alligator hunting, and even fishing. It is a good method for him to connect with his sons, in his opinion.

Lee Robert’s Net Worth

According to our research team, Lee Robert has a net worth of $1 Million. Aside from his racing career, he is working as a manager at Hatchie River Lumber Co.

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Hatchie Hardwood Lumber is a hardwood concentration yard that resides in Tennessee.