Who Are Mae Martin’s Parents? Including Her Gay Partner

Mae Martin is a Canadian stand-up comedian, writer, and actor known for her insightful and irreverent approach to comedy. Born in Toronto in 1987, Martin started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 13 and quickly gained a reputation for her sharp wit and fearless approach to tackling taboo topics.

Over the years, Martin has honed her craft, performing at comedy festivals around the world and earning critical acclaim for her unique perspective and engaging stage presence. In addition to her stand-up work, Martin has also written for and appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including the Netflix series “Feel Good,” which they co-created and stars in.

With a style that is both hilarious and thought-provoking, Mae Martin has become one of the most exciting voices in comedy today, and a trailblazer for queer performers and audiences. Whether on stage or on screen, Martin’s work is always insightful, relatable, and, above all, hilarious.

Meet Mae Martin’s Parents and her Early Career

Mae Martin is a Toronto-born individual with a unique familial background. They were born on May 2, 1987, to her parents James Chatto and Wendy Martin, who are both accomplished authors and teachers in their respective fields. James Chatto is known for his work as an English food writer, and Wendy Martin is a Canadian author and teacher.

James Chatto’s parents, Tom Chatto and Ros Chatto were both notable figures in the entertainment industry. Tom Chatto was an actor who appeared in the 1963 adaptation of Lord of the Flies when he was a child. Later on, James Chatto followed in his father’s footsteps and performed on the West End stage in the 1980s in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Mae Martin has an older brother Joseph who is an academic, and they share a close bond. Additionally, Mae has a paternal uncle named Daniel Chatto, who is both an artist and an actor. Interestingly, Daniel Chatto is married to Lady Sarah Chatto, who is the niece of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mae Martin Siblings

Martin lived with her family and resided in a village on the Greek island of Corfu, for several years. Their parents, James and Wendy, were former hippies and comedy enthusiasts, and their family home was filled with recordings of popular British shows like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Goon Show, and Blackadder, as well as American comedian Steve Martin.

Despite attending an all-girls school, Martin performed on stage wearing the school uniform. Growing up in Toronto, Martin described their upbringing as a “liberal utopia” in terms of sexuality, as their parents were open-minded and the city was accepting.

Wendy Martin, the mother of Mae Martin is a teacher

Wendy Martin, who is the mother of Mae Martin, is a highly accomplished individual. She is a full-time teacher. In addition to her work as an educator, Wendy is also an accomplished writer and has had several books published.

Throughout her career, Wendy has contributed extensively to various publications by authoring numerous articles and columns. She is known for her thought-provoking and insightful ideas, which she records in a personal journal that she maintains regularly.

Mae Martin Parents

On February 23, 2016, Mae Martin, the future rock star, shared a throwback photo from her early years. The photo depicts Mae’s parents, Wendy, and her husband, as the lead singer and the lead guitarist of a rock band respectively. It is a heartwarming snapshot that showcases the family’s love for music and the arts.

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Growing up, Wendy had a deep appreciation for humor and comedy. She would often take her family to sketch comedy gigs, where they would all enjoy a good laugh together. Wendy’s love for humor has undoubtedly influenced Mae’s comedic sensibilities and contributed to her success as a comedian today.

Mae Martin’s father has a Diverse Career

Mae Martin’s father, James Chatto, is a well-known and accomplished food enthusiast who has explored different cuisines from around the world. His love for food is evident in his writing, where he extols the virtues of various dishes and provides adoring descriptions of them. He is an award-winning author, having been nominated for the 2006 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction for his book, The Greek for Love, which also won the Drummer General Award.

James has co-authored several works that have gained widespread acclaim, but his most famous book to date is A Matter of Taste, which he co-wrote with Lucy Waverman in 2004.

Before pursuing his passion for food, James worked as an actor, singer, and saxophonist. He even had a song called For The Love Of Money, which peaked at number two on the Northern Soul charts in 1977. Additionally, James had a successful acting career in theaters and major motion pictures such as The Three Lives of Thomasina, Galileo, Lord of the Flies, and Shock Treatment.

Aside from his writing and acting career, James Chatto is also heavily involved in the culinary industry. He serves as the National Culinary Advisor for Canada’s Gold Medal Plates fundraising program for Olympic and Paralympic athletes and was a founding member of the Canadian Culinary Championship.

James has also made appearances on various television programs. In 2008, he served as the narrator for The Chef’s Domain and as one of the Food Fight judges and executive culinary consultant at the same time.

Mae Martin and actor, Elliot Page, are openly gay partners

There has been speculation among fans regarding the relationship status of comedian Mae Martin. The rumors started when Mae and actor Elliot Page appeared together on the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in 2022. The event was held on November 5, and both Martin and Page were dressed impeccably for the occasion.

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Martin wore a stunning blue suit and a white blouse with no buttons. The outfit showcased Mae’s unique sense of style and fashion. Meanwhile, Page looked equally stylish in a dark double-breasted suit and bow tie. They took a selfie together in front of the bathroom mirror, which they later posted on their individual Instagram accounts.

Mae Martin Partner Elliot Page

The photo they posted together featured a purple heart emoji and the hashtag ‘#t4t,’ which stands for ‘trans for trans.’ This further fueled the speculation that Martin and Page might be in a relationship.

Elliot Page is a Canadian actor known for his roles in The Umbrella Academy, Juno, Inception, and Hard Candy. He was previously married to Canadian dancer Emma Portner for three years before they announced their separation in 2021. The page has won several awards, including a Satellite Award, and two BAFTA Awards, and has been nominated for Primetime Emmy and Academy Awards.

In December 2020, Elliot Page publicly came out as transgender, and since then, he has been an advocate for LGBTQI+ rights.

Overall, while there has been no confirmation of a romantic relationship between Martin and Page, their appearance on the red carpet and their social media posts have certainly fueled speculation and curiosity among fans.