4-year-old kid, Serenity McKinney, was found dead inside a suitcase

Serenity McKinney was a 4-year-old kid from Kentucky who went missing and was found wrapped inside a suitcase.

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Breaking News: The Discovery of Serenity McKinney’s Remains

Gruesome facts of a toddler’s death are emerging MONTHS after her remains were discovered stashed inside a suitcase.

According to a coroner’s report, the skeletal remains of Serenity McKinney, 4, were found inside a green suitcase, wrapped in plastic.

The luggage was filled with something resembling sand, according to the Bullitt County Coroner’s Office in Kentucky, and a toxicology report revealed that young Serenity had no signs of drug or alcohol use.

Serenity’s death is still under investigation, but according to officials, “the circumstances under which the body was found…indicate a homicidal method of death.”

After a six-month search, her body was discovered in a wooded region of Bullitt County in February, bringing a conclusion to the case.

Melody Roller, Serenity’s grandmother, revealed that the child hadn’t been seen by family in nearly two years.

“I want people to remember her by her beautiful smile and not what these monsters did to her,” said Roller.

In relation to the girl’s passing, Serenity’s mother Catherine “Abby” McKinney and her boyfriend Dakota Hill were accused with murder and mistreatment of a body.

Serenity Unforgettable Early Years

Serenity McKinney was a 4 years old toddler from Kentucky. She used to live with her mother Catherine “Abby” McKinney and her boyfriend Dakota Hill. Serenity was the granddaughter of Melody Roller. 

serenity mckinney family

The 4 years toddler went missing and was later declared dead after her remains were discovered in a suitcase.

The charges for her death have been put on her mom Catherine bad her boyfriend Dakota.

Serenity Mckinney Education Cut Short

Serenity was a toddler and probably a kindergarten student determining her age. However, the facts on the kindergarten she attended are under review.

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