Samuel L. Katz, The legendary Pediatrician, dies at 95

In the summer of 1955, there was an outbreak of polio that hit the Boston area just months after a vaccine was given approved, but not in time to stop the surge. More than 2,000 polio cases quickly alerted the city’s pediatric units. At Children’s Hospital, the lines drawn outside were so long that medical teams worked into the night with flashlights to evaluate children, some limp and feverish in their parents’ arms. Helping with the triage was a third-year resident, Samuel L. Katz. He had found his life’s calling.

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Samuel L. Katz Death. His Legacy

The legendary pediatrician Samuel L. Katz passed away at the ripe old age of 95 year old. His precise death results have not been opened up as of now. But we will be soon updating the reports related to it once the details related to it comes up in the future.

Samuel was a great American pediatrician and virologist whose career has totally dedicated to his infectious disease research which primarily focused on vaccine research and development.

His hard work has helped many patients in leading happy and healthy lifestyles. His vaccine remedy has to lessen the mortality rate of not the USA but the whole wide world.

Samuel initially became a staff member in the Children’s Hospital while working with Nobel Laureate John F. Enders. He has been with the Enders for close to 12 years during which time they developed the attenuated measles vaccine which is available all over the globe.

Pathogens and Infectious Diseases

In addition to his work on measles, Samuel L. Katz had been totally studying many other pathogens and infectious diseases that also include vaccines, polio, rubella, influenza, pertussis, HIV, and Hemophilic influenza.

He served as a member of many scientific advisory committees and boards that has includes the NIH, IOM, WHO, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as the Hasbro Children’s Foundation. He was Chairperson for the Public Policy Council of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and served as the co-chair of IDSA’s Vaccine Initiative.

For his incomparability in assisting the medical world by contributing many theories and works related to viruses; he even received Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal which was given by the Sabin Vaccine Institute.

Moreover; Samuel L. Katz also worked as the  Wilburt Cornell Davison Professor and served as the Chairman Emeritus of Pediatrics at the famed Duke University.

How Many Times the Legend Did Got Married?

Dr. Katz’s first marriage was with Betsy Cohan that was resulted in a divorce. His second wife, Catherine Wilfer who was a leader in the field of pediatric AIDS, died in the year 2020 after 49 years of marriage.

Survivors also included six children from his first marriage, John Katz, Deborah Miora, William Katz, Susan Calderon, Penelope Katz Fiche, and David L. Katz; two stepkids, Rachel Wilfert and Katie Regen; and 17 grandchildren. A son from his first marital relationship, Samuel L. Katz Jr., passed away in 1980.

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David Katz confirmed his father’s death but did not provide a specific cause. As of now, the family of the famed Samuel L. Katz is mourning the loss of their patriarch and the world of medicine is in awe and shock at the news of his death.

How Educated was the Great Samuel L. Katz?

Samuel L. Katz was a highly knowledgeable man. Katz was an honors graduate student from Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School. After a medical internship at the Beth Israel Hospital where he finished his pediatrics residency while training at the Massachusetts General Hospital and later at Boston Children’s Hospital.