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Sam Bloom is an expert Australian professional surfer who has won various titles for her country. Sam’s husband is Cameron Bloom, who is the writer of Penguin Bloom, the book-sharing journey of Sam’s recovery from a life-threatening injury and the help of a magpie in her rehabilitation.

Sam has won numerous competitions inside and outside her country and she is the motivation of many people all over the world. Penguin Bloom is a drama film that tells her journey to recovery and the impact of penguins on her life.

Who Is Sam Bloom’s Husband, Cameron Bloom? Know the role of her Husband in her Life

Sam Bloom’s husband Cameron Bloom is a professional photographer and also a writer who wrote one of the best-selling books Penguin Bloom, in which he has also collaborated with New York Times bestselling author Bradley Trevor Grieve.

Bloom has more than 25 years of experience as a professional photographer. He began his career as a surf photographer at the age of 15. Since that, his editorial and travel images have been featured in numerous international publications including Vogue, the New York Times, and many others. Bloom is also the recipient of the GQ Creative Force Award in 2018.

Cameron wrote the book came from his family’s experience following an accident his wife Sam faced while on holiday. On a 2013 family vacation in Thailand, Sam fell through a rotten balcony railing and crashed 6 meters onto the concrete ground.

By that book which came from his family experience, he won the GQ Creative Force Award in 2018 for writing Penguin Bloom. The experience of Sam Bloom was the main topic of the bestseller book Penguin Bloom, which was made into a successful movie of the same title starring Naomi Watts as Sam Bloom and Andrew Lincoln as Cameron Bloom.

The second book by Cameron which shares Sam’s perspective on facing and overcoming adversity, Sam Bloom: Heartache and Birdsong were also released a couple of years earlier.

How did Sam Recover from the Devastating Injury?

When the injury happened to Sam, she was hopeless due to the devastating injuries, injuring severe damage to her spinal cord, and also leaving her paralyzed in her lower body.

After that, the family returned to Australia once Sam’s condition was stable. She had months of intensive rehabilitation but fell into depression because she couldn’t return to her everyday life and by her family’s efforts, she became hopeless and lost purpose in her new life.

But things changed when her son Noah brought an injured little magpie chick to the family. The baby bird brought by Noah had been blown out of its nest in a Norfolk Island pine tree. The family named the baby bird as magpie Penguin. The Penguin became Sam’s constant companion over time, and her life was once again filled with laughter and joy. After some time after treatment, the magpie recovered fully and learned how to fly, which became the inspiration for Sam to achieve something for herself.

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After recovering from her injuries, Sam started learning canoeing and took part in professional competitions. She successfully won two Australian titles and also represented her country at the 2015 World Championships in Italy.

Know about Star Skater’s Family

Sam and Cameron are already married more than 20 years ago and they are parents of three children. According to the reports, their first child was a son named Noah bloom. But we don’t know the information regarding their second and third children. They are currently living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Let’s know about the net worth of Australian Skater, Sam Bloom

The exact net worth of Sam Bloom hasn’t been revealed yet but according to the different reports it is found that the para-athlete is worth more than $1 million.

sam bloom family

Sam Bloom is an Australian national para surfer and she has already won several awards in worldwide competitions from her winning in different competitions she has a good net worth.

In addition, Sam’s husband wrote the bestseller book Penguin Bloom, and a film was also made which was successful book and film. Bloom’s family must have earned a good amount for the work.

Which Social Media Handles are used by Sam Bloom?

Sam Bloom is available on her Instagram handles at @samjbloom and she is followed by 54K+ people, whereas her husband, Cameron Bloom has 16K+ followers on his Instagram account at @cambloom.