Jack Sepple stabbed Ashley Wadsworth,19, to death, whom she met online

Ashley Wadsworth,19, was stabbed to death in Chelmsford, Essex, just weeks after flying to Britain to meet her boyfriend Jack Sepple, 23.

The couple first met on an online dating app and Ashley, a Mormon, spent her small town life with him in England on a six-month tourist visa. But things turned sour when possessive Sepple quickly showed his darker side, her family claimed.

Loved ones told how her sick boyfriend logged into all her social media, deleted all her posts, and changed all her passwords so she wouldn’t be able to seek help.

Sepple today admitted murdering his teen girlfriend during a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court.

How did he kill Ashley?

The evil killer viciously stabbed her in the chest- and was found on a bed next to Ashley’s body when cops arrived on February 1. Despite paramedics’ best efforts, she was declared dead at the scene.

Ashley Wadsworth Family saying about her relationship with Sepple

Ashley’s Cousin Kali told, “Sepple had been very possessive over her belongings- her phone especially.”

And also she added, “He was going through her social media. The reason this entire fight started from the beginning was that he had seen an old chat where she flirted with somebody.”

ashley wadsworth husband

Sepple freaked out over it and Ashley was on Facetime with Hailey and she watched him just start beating her. Then her family reached out and tried to get her an early ticket.

“He has logged into all her social media, deleted all her photos and changed her passwords, and smashed her phone.”

Ashley Wadsworth couldn’t call for help-she was in a whole different country, even if she could call for help, who would she call apart from the police.”

Ashley Wadsworth Parents paid a heartbreaking tribute to her

In a heartbreaking tribute, her mom Christy said, “Ashley. Mommy loves you and I will see you soon baby. Your sister and I are here waiting for you. God bless.”

Christy also thanked everybody in the UK, Canada, and around the world for their support and generosity at this difficult time.

She added, “I am struggling every day to come to terms with this horrific tragedy and am eager to bring my baby home.”

Ashley’s Parents previously paid tribute to her “spontaneous, witty, kind personality” and “unforgettable laugh.”

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Her loved ones added: “Ashley, you are beautiful to us and we will miss you very very much.”

Ashley’s Sister also paid tribute to her “best friend”, while niece Paisley called her the “best aunt ever”.