World’s Oldest Primary School Student, Priscilla Sitienei, dies at 99

A 99-year-old lady, Priscilla Sitienei thought to be the world’s oldest primary school student, died quietly at home in Kenya.

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Kenyan primary school student Priscilla Sitienei passes away at the age of 99

According to her grandson, a 99-year-old woman from Kenya who was thought to be the oldest primary school student in the world passed away peacefully at home. After going to class on Wednesday, Priscilla Sitienei experienced health issues.

She had been preparing for final exams that would begin the following week with her 12-year-old classmates. The UN agency for culture and education, Unesco, praised Ms. Sitienei’s story and turned it into a movie.

She was raised in a Kenya that the British had colonized and witnessed the fight for her nation’s independence. Last year, she expressed to Unesco her desire to inspire young mothers to go back to school.

She said,

“I wanted to show an example not only to them but to other girls around the world who are not in school, without education, there will be no difference between you and a chicken.

“They tell me they are too old,” she said. “I tell them: ‘Well I am at school and so should you.'” “I see children who are lost, children who are without fathers, just going round and round, hopeless. I want to inspire them to go to school,”

She began attending Leaders Vision Preparatory School in 2010, but prior to that, she worked as a midwife for more than 65 years in the Rift Valley community of Ndalat.

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 She is affectionately referred to as “Gogo,” which in the local Kalenjin language translates to “grandmother,” and in 2015 she told the BBC that she was finally learning to read and write a chance she never had as a child. She frequently confronted kids who weren’t in school and questioned them about it.

About Early Life and Education

Priscilla Sitienei was 99 years old at the time of her death. She holds an African Citizen and she belongs to the black race.

Priscilla Sitienei attended Leaders Vision Preparatory School