Who is Polar Cub? Is she revealed her Face? Know about her Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Who is Polar Cub? Is she revealed her Face? Know about her Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Dani better known as Polar Cub is a Canadian YouTuber, digital artist, and Roblox user-generated content creator known for being Flamingo’s thumbnail designer. She is also known for designing avatar shop accessories for several Youtubers. She also has a Fandom account called

Polarcubart. She was born on June 2, 2000, in Canada and she currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

Has Polarcub done a Face reveal yet?

She is a well-known YouTuber from Canada. She is also a digital artist and Roblox user. Many of her fans are asking about Polar Cub Face Reveal, Dani Polar Cub Face.

polar cub age

The answer to their question is Yes, even though she didn’t reveal her face during the live stream, her face is already out. Her face is available on the internet. Though there are a couple of photos on the Internet, she has maintained a mystique surrounding her identity.

Polar Cub’s Online Career

Dani joined Roblox in September 2010 under the username, Darkened Wing. She worked as a graphic designer for the game development group RedManta: Pirates Life. She was invited into the user-generated content program in March 2020 and to attend the Roblox Developers Conference 2020 event.

Polar Cub created her Youtube channel in January 2012 but uploaded the first video only in June 2020. She has more than three million video views with 122K subscribers.

She posts regular videos on her channel, each of which is viewed thousands of times.

Polar Cub’s Net worth in 2022

Roblox’s content creator’s primary source of income is the content she creates on Social Media. She has thousands of fans and followers who regularly watch her content.

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It is safe to assume that Polar cub’s net earnings are worth at least 500K to 1 million dollars.

Polar Cub on Social Media

She has good followers on her social media as well. She has 84K+ followers on her Twitter. Dani has around 132K+ subscribers on her Youtube channel.