Paige Chivers, The Murderer of a Lancashire School girl, passed away

Paige Chivers went missing in 2007. Despite the fact that her corpse was never discovered, she was proclaimed deceased after an inquiry in 2016.

The murderer of Lancashire schoolgirl Paige Chivers passes away in jail, and her corpse was never found.

Paige Chivers is a Lancashire youngster killed by a pedophile, who died in jail without her corpse ever being located. Robert Ewing was convicted in 2015 of murdering Paige, 15, at his Blackpool home, and was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 32 years.

Paige was killed in order to prevent her from alerting authorities about the s*x abuse she endured at the hands of Ewing. Paige was described in court as a disturbed kid as a result of her mother’s death and her father’s alcoholism.

Ewing preyed on her by allowing adolescent females to drink, smoke, and use drugs at his apartment. Ewing killed Paige in August 2007 as she threatened to reveal his s*x abuse. The schoolgirl’s corpse was never recovered. Ewing, 68, died in jail after being discovered inside his cell a week before.

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“We can confirm that Robert Ewing, 68, died in jail on Friday, November 4,” stated a spokeswoman for the Prison Service.