What happened at the Ontario Mills Shooting? Reports on Victims And The Active Shooter

What happened at the Ontario Mills Shooting? Reports on Victims And The Active Shooter

A shooter is reportedly still active in an Ontario Mills Shooting shopping area in California. The rumors of a shooter at the Ontario Mills mall turned out to be incorrect, according to police.

When “several complaints claiming they are sheltering in place” were received, the Ontario Fire Department dispatched units to the mall.

Other social media accounts asserted that there were further people hiding in the mall, but the claims of a shooter were quickly refuted.

On Saturday night, fake gunfire accusations caused shoppers at Ontario Mills to get scared. At the Ontario Mills mall, it was discovered that there was no active shooter situation.

Numerous callers reported they are taking cover, according to the Ontario Fire Department.

The Ontario Fire Department announced between 7:26 and 7:32 p.m. that it was responding after receiving numerous reports of gunshots heard inside the mall and customers taking cover.

At 7:41 p.m., Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz tweeted that the mall had been cleared and that the rumors of an active shooter were false.

On social media, some have described seeing other patrons run away as staff hurriedly ushered them inside and shut the doors.

Customers are seen exiting the mall in social media videos while a warning can be heard in the background. The Ontario Mills retail and outlet mall, located in San Bernardino county, is one of the area’s largest shopping and tourist destinations.

Who were the Active Shooter And Victim At Ontario Mills Shooting?

Contrary to reports, there was no active shooter on Saturday night at the Ontario Mills mall. Out of caution, Ontario PD officers checked the mall for potential threats.

There was no active shooter when the Ontario Police Department (OPD) responded to an incident at the Ontario Mills mall. There are no known injuries, and there is no evidence of firing.

Despite reports to the contrary, Chief Mike Lorenz said there is not an active shooter at the Ontario Mills Mall.

Mall security is in place. The department advised locals to stay away from the area as authorities looked into it but claimed there was no evidence of a shooter.

How many casualties did the shooting result in?

Despite erroneous reports of an active shooter at the Ontario Mills mall on Saturday night, nobody was hurt.

On social media, people were seen fleeing the mall while some were hiding inside as it was being locked by security.

No active shooter was present when Ontario PD responded to an incident at the Ontario Mills retail mall.

It is uncertain what caused shoppers to call in to report hearing gunshots. In the end, authorities asserted that despite responding to a disturbance, no one had been harmed and there had been no indication of a shooting.

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One of the most well-liked tourism and shopping sites in the state is Ontario Mills, a retail and outlet district in San Bernardino County, Ontario, California.

Since April 2007, Simon Property Group has been in charge of three California Mills landmarks.