Missing 3-Months-old- kid, Brandon Cuellar kidnapped as grandmother unloaded groceries

The San Jose Police Department on Monday said it is looking for a man who allegedly took Brandon Cuellar from his home on the 1000 block of Elm Street earlier that day. Security footage time-stamped at 12:48 p.m. showed the alleged kidnapper walking down a sidewalk, carrying a baby’s car seat covered by a white blanket.

Police described the alleged suspect as a short-haired Hispanic man, who was seen in the security footage wearing a gray hat, black mask, dark blue shirt, and black pants. Officials said Cuellar’s family told police they didn’t recognize the suspect.

Cuellar was wearing a white, long-sleeved dinosaur onesie at the time of the alleged kidnapping, according to police.

Officers investigating Cuellar’s disappearance can be reached at 408-537-1142, 408-537-1916, 408-537-1282, 408-537-1522, and 408-537-9066. Police said to call 911 if you’ve seen Cuellar or the alleged suspect.

brandon cuellar missing

Family members shared photos of the baby with ABC7 News. Officers say Brandon’s grandmother had taken him grocery shopping with her and the two had just arrived back home.

“She took the baby into the apartment, went downstairs to unload some groceries, and in that short amount of time someone entered the apartment,” said Sgt. Camarillo.

Police say the boy’s grandmother who had been watching him while his mother was at work, called around 1 p.m to report the child had been taken. They say she took 3-month-old Brandon Cuellar inside a bedroom while she was unloading groceries from her car. Officers say the baby was taken in just a couple of minutes time period.

Officers say the grandmother did not see the suspect enter the apartment.

Also, the officers have said “at this point, the surveillance images are all they have to go on and tell us the family does not recognize the individual in the video. They say an Amber Alert has not been issued because there is no vehicle description to give out.”

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Police also have stated that  Brandon’s mother was at work when he was kidnapped. They say Brandon’s dad is currently incarcerated but would not elaborate on that, only saying they will be talking with him.

Officers making a desperate plea to the public Monday night.

“Today someone is walking around with a 3-month-old baby that they did not have yesterday. If you have this baby, please give that baby back to its mother. We can deal with the consequences after. Anybody who is a mother or father, you don’t love anything more than you love your child, this mother is going through a very very bad time, as well as grandma. Grandma was left in charge of the baby and baby is now gone,” said Sgt. Camarillo.

Anyone with information is asked to call SJPD at 408-277-4166 or 911.

How old is Brandon Cuellar?

The baby who was kidnapped name was Brandon Cuellar. The detailed information about her birth is not available to us but she was of just 3 months and she was a baby boy.

Brandon Cuellar Family, Mom, Dad

Throughout the investigation we came to the conclusion she was born to a sweet happy family. Though we don’t have the detailed information we know that she was with her grandmother while the incident actually happened. Her mother was in the workplace and her dad was incarcerated.

Some interesting facts on Baby Brandon Cuellar’s

 NameBrandon Cuellar
Age3 months
Born onSan Jose, California
 FamilyMother, Father, Grandmother
 Date of birthN/A