Who was Mirosław Hermaszewski? Wife, Age, and Family, Polish Fighter jet pilot dies at 81

Mirosław Hermaszewski was a Polish cosmonaut, fighter jet pilot, and officer in the Polish Air Force. When he went aboard the Soviet Soyuz 30 spacecraft in 1978, he became the first and only Polish national in space. He was the 89th person to approach the edge of space.

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Mirosław Hermaszewski, Poland’s only cosmonaut, has died at the age of 81

General Miroslaw Hermaszewski, Poland’s only cosmonaut who orbited the Earth in a Soviet spacecraft in 1978, has died. He was 81. Ryszard Czarnecki, a member of the European Parliament, reported the former air force pilot’s death on Twitter on December 12. He subsequently informed Polish media sources that Hermaszewski died in a Warsaw hospital after complications from a morning procedure.

Mr. Czarnecki tweeted: “On behalf of the family, I’m confirming the very sad news about the death of Gen. Miroslaw Hermaszewski,”, calling him a “great pilot, good husband and father, and much-beloved grandfather”.

His Early life and Education

Mirosław Hermaszewski was born in Lipniki, Reichskommissariat Ukraine, on September 15, 1941(81 years old). (now Ukraine).

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He holds a Ukraine Citizen and he belongs to the white ethnicity. His Zodiac sign is Virgo. He graduated from the Karol Wierczewski Military Academy in 1971.

Who is Mirosław Hermaszewski Wife? Personal life and family details

Mirosław Hermaszewski has been married to Emilia (née azar) Hermaszewska since 1966, and they have two children, Mirosaw (born 1966) and Emilia (born 1966). (born 1974). He has four grandchildren: Julia, Amelia, Emilia, and Stanisaw, as well as Giokonda, a Yorkshire Terrier.

Mirosław Hermaszewski was born into a Polish family in Lipniki, which was historically part of Poland’s Woy Voivodeship.

Mirosław Hermaszewski Family

Mirosław Hermaszewski, the youngest of Roman Hermaszewski and Kamila Bielawska’s seven children, survived the Volhynian massacre, in which Ukrainian nationalists slaughtered 19 members of his family, including his father.

When the Ukrainian Insurgent Army invaded Lipniki on the night of March 26-27, 1943, Hermaszewski barely evaded death. Hermaszewski was just 18 months old at the time of the slaughter. The youngest victim in his family was 1.5 years old, and the oldest grandfather was Hermaszewski’s 90.

Mirosław Hermaszewski Early Career

Mirosław Hermaszewski completed his aircraft pilotage course in Grudzidz in 1961 and began training to be a fighter plane pilot at the “School of Eaglets” in Dblin the following fall. He learned to fly the TS-8 Bies training aircraft before moving on to the MiG-15 jet fighter.

After graduating from the academy at the top of his class in March 1964. He was posted to the Pozna air defense unit with the rank of Podporucznik and continued his studies at the General Staff Academy in Warsaw, where he learned to fly the MiG-21.

At the years thereafter, he continued to train while serving as the commander of squadrons and regiments in Supsk, Gdynia, and Wroclaw for the Polish Air Force.

When the martial rule was declared in Poland on December 13, 1981. Hermaszewski was nominated to the Military Council of National Salvation (WRON) without his knowledge or agreement.

In 1982, he was promoted to the military rank of pukownik. In November 1984, more than a year after the end of martial rule in the Polish People’s Republic, Hermaszewski was named commander of the Fighter Pilots School in Dblin.

By 1987, he had become the head of that institution, and his tenure as director has been rated well by his superiors, who noticed growth in team cohesion as well as an increase in the university’s didactic and educational quality.