Former Newton State Senator, Mike Crotts, 75, passed away

Former Newton State Senator, Mike Crotts, 75, passed away

Former Newton state senator named Mike Crotts died at age 75. According to his family, During helping victims of a deadly accident that Crotts was involved in, he suffered a medical emergency.

His son “Caleb” says Crotts saw the crash in front of his McDonough home, responded to help the victim, and then passed away in his McDonough home entrance hall.

Crotts represented a district that included Newton County from 1992 to 2004.

Crotts was the chief sponsor of legislation that authorized a statewide vote on amending the Georgia Constitution to ban marriage between two men or two women. Following Crotts’ political career, he became a public speaker along with his wife. Then wrote a book with his wife title of the book was “Dead for 34 Minutes”. He also has his biography book. He was a licensed broker of Georgia State when he was just a senior high school student.

Governor Brian Kemp Wrote A statement on Saturday on his Twitter account informing about Former state senator Mike Crott’s death.

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He wrote: “Marty, the girls, & I are saddened by the passing of our friend & a great Georgian, Mike Crotts. A former state senator, successful businessman, Coast Guard veteran, a man of faith, & devoted husband & father. He served the people of our state well. We’re praying for his family.”