Lauren Kanarek, Was shot by former Olympian Trainer, Michael Barisone, Found Guilty or not?

As per CBS news, former Olympic trainer Michael Barisone was back in the New Jersey courtroom. In 2019, Michael was charged with the attempted murder of one of his students named Lauren Kanarek, and her boyfriend. At his trial, Barisone’s legal team tried a rare strategy which was called the insanity defense.  They told the court, that Lauren Kanarek used social media to push him to his mental breaking point.

Michael Barisone aged 58 has spent his life standing proud in the winner’s circle.

When did the Shooting Incident Happen?

In spring 2022, Barisone was in Morristown, New Jersey, courtroom, and in the incident time, Michael claimed that time of the shooting he temporarily lost his mind.

The Prosecutor Christopher Schellhorn told in court that, Michael knew what he was doing when he loaded bullets into the gun. Christopher also made that Barisone was sane and that he knew exactly what he was doing when he took that pistol and he tried to kill one of his own riding students named Lauren Shay Kanarek.

The Shooting Incident Explained by Victim, Lauren Kanarek

Here is the incident explained by Lauren Kanarek:

Lauren Kanarek when she got shot: I have been shot in the heart!  …Barisone shot me. Please help, please help …

Lauren Kanarek told in court: He pulled out a gun and shot me once, twice, directly in my chest.

lauren kanarek

Lauren was fighting for her life and her boyfriend, Rob Goodwin, struggled to subdue Michael Barisone.

Rob Goodwin (Lauren’s Boyfriend): Stop f***ing moving! Stop f***ing moving!

And after some time of the chaos, Lauren and Rob’s dog attacked Barisone.

Yet, with the help of emergency surgery, Kanarek survived successfully.

Online Allegations on Former Olympian Trainer, Michael Barisone

Michael Barisone said that his paradise had turned to hell when he trained Lauren Kanarek. He also received many allegations through Facebook.

Kanarek wrote on Facebook: “Everyone should be worried and I’m not responsible for anything my other personalities do when they’re threatened.”

And MICHAEL BARISONE TO 911 on August 3, 2019: They’re nuts and they are stalking us, they’re harassing us.

And again, Barisone took online threats seriously and he went to the police.

Michael Barisone TO 911 on August 3, 2019: And All people are in fear for our lives.

And after that Local cops headed over but may have seen it all as nothing more than a landlord-tenant dispute.

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The war between trainer and Student started. Lauren Kanarek’s complaint alleged that Michael was being bullied and body-shaming her. The SafeSport form asked: “Does this report involve allegations of child abuse or any kind of child sexual abuse.”  Lauren replied “Yes.”  She said that the abuse was verbal but not physical.

Michael Barisone Found Guilty or Not

And according to Goodwin, if Lauren Kanarek wants things resolved peacefully, she never got the final chance.

Rob Goodwin (Lauren’s Boyfriend) told in court: She didn’t get to say much to her trainer Michael before he pulled out a gun. He wasn’t there for a conversation as he was there to kill us.

After nearly two weeks, the lawyers rested. Four tense days passed. Judge Taylor asked, With regard to count one, attempted murder of Lauren what is your verdict?

The Juror told that they, Not guilty by reason of insanity. Ed Bilinkas said outside the courthouse: It’s a great day in the legal system today and also Michael Barisone is not guilty by reason of insanity. Not guilty!