Cheerleader Macie Hill, 8, dies after an accident during a 4th of July parade in Kaysville

Macie Hill, an 8-year-old brightest little light girl, was tragically killed in a car accident during the Kaysville Parade on July 4th. Macie was the youngest of four children, and she was treated as a princess by her three older brothers and parents. Today we are going to look deep down at her death news, her parents, and her neighbor Jennie Dopp, who is the organizer of Macie’s funeral donation.

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Macie Hill Death, What happened actually?

Macie hill was an 8-year-old girl. She was a cheerleader. Macie was the youngest of four children, and she was treated as a princess by her three older brothers and parents. Hill was full of life and showed everyone joy and love.

“Macie’s dad said she loved her Patriot Cheer team. She loved cheering and Macie passed away doing what she loved, being with her team.”

Macie’s father stated that

Macie a cheerleader participating in a Utah Fourth of July parade was killed when the float her team was riding on was hit by another vehicle. When a Hummer struck the float while Hill and her Patriot Cheer team were on it, the Hummer was taking part in the Kaysville Parade.

The young girl involved in the event was recognized by Hill’s family as Macie Hill of Layton. She was afterward taken to the Layton Parkway Hospital where, according to the CBS station KUTV, she succumbed to injuries suffered in the terrible event. When the event happened, she was reported on a float with her Patriot Cheer All-Stars dance team. Hill loved cheering, and she died doing what she loved: being with her team.

This incident broke the heart of her family. But, the fundraising website reported that Macie leaves behind her parents and three older brothers and that it has raised nearly $118,383 for the family.

Who are Macie Hill Parents and neighborhood Jennie Dopp?

Macie Hill was born in Columbus, Ohio, 3 on September 23, 2013, to Mark and Melanie (Bundy) Hill. Macie completed the Hill family by joining brothers Ethan, Liam, and Seth. She made her three older brothers and parents so happy. Macie attended Sam Morgan Elementary School, where she was well-liked by all. She was particularly gifted in French, reading, math, and art.

macie hill family
source: KSLTV

Jennie Dopp is a Hill family neighbor. Jennie is also an organizer for funds collected for the death of little Macie hill. The funds collected for Macie hill can be checked on a website name GoFundMe.

Macie Hill Funeral, Friends & Family gathered 

Macie Hill’s funeral was held on Saturday, July 9 2022 at 2:00 P.M. at Mutton Hollow Rd, Kaysville, Utah. Her family, friends, and loved ones gathered at her funeral to pray and remember her 8-year little girl. Cheerleaders lined the street of Cainsville to remember the 8-year little girl, Macy hill. Cheerleaders from across the state gathered to send one last cheer to Macy and her family. Leaders who usually compete against each other were cheering together. When asked in an interview during the funeral One of the cheerleaders said:

“as a cheer community, we’re all really bought together, especially at times like this. Our hearts are really broken today but we’re glad that we could support you. I thought it was really a bittersweet moment and I am glad that we could be here for the support.”

Another cheerleader said:

“I felt an l lot of love throughout the whole team. It could have been any one of us”

On the funeral day, Many Cheerleaders were walking through your independence day parades. Jamie Hancock brought the cheerleader community together from Orem to Logan to line Macie’s procession. Jamie Hancock said:

“We had to act fast to get that much support. They were very supportive.”

Macie Hill Jamie Hancock

There were Silent cheers as Macy and her family passed by. It was estimated near 40 cheerleaders team showed up to support the hill family. Macie was laid to rest at the Lindquist memorial park in Layton.

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Macie Hill GoFundMe

In the wake of this tragedy, the Hill family was facing the difficult task of paying for funeral expenses, medical charges, counseling for family members, and a headstone for Macie’s grave. While the community has already rallied around the Hills with an outpouring of love and support, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched and raised over $118,383 US dollars to help the family cover these expenses.

Macie Hill Gofundme

Jennie Dopp, a neighbor of the Hill family, organized the fundraiser on behalf of the Hills. All funds from the campaign were deposited directly into the family’s bank account. The family has given their blessing for the campaign and is grateful for the continued support and love showed by the community during this tender time.