Meet Linda Greenlaw: An American Author, Lovely Wife, and Devoted Mom of an Adopted Daughter

Linda Greenlaw is an American author and commercial fisherman. She was born on December 22, 1960, in Connecticut, USA. Greenlaw grew up in a family of commercial fishermen and began fishing at a young age. She later became one of the few women to captain a commercial fishing vessel on the East Coast.

Greenlaw is also a published author, best known for her non-fiction books about the fishing industry and her experiences as a captain. Her first book, “The Hungry Ocean,” was published in 1999 and became a bestseller. In it, she chronicled her experiences as the captain of the fishing vessel Hannah Boden during a month-long swordfishing trip. Her other books include “All Fishermen Are Liars,” “Seaworthy,” and “Lifesaving Lessons.”

In addition to her writing and fishing, Greenlaw has also appeared on several television shows, including “Swords: Life on the Line,” a reality series that followed commercial fishermen during the swordfishing season. She is also a public speaker and has given talks on topics such as leadership, risk-taking, and teamwork.

Linda Greenlaw is the First Female Swordfishing Boat Captain on the East Coast

Linda Greenlaw is a highly accomplished female captain who has made history as the only female captain of a swordfishing boat on the East Coast of the United States. She is not only a successful fisher but also a best-selling author, renowned for her books on maritime themes.

Greenlaw’s influence extends beyond the seas, as she gained significant recognition for her role in the 1997 movie and novel The Perfect Storm. Her unique perspective and experiences in the fishing industry add depth to her writing, making her a must-read for anyone interested in this field.

Linda Greenlaw is a best-selling author

In 1999, Greenlaw published three best-selling books on her work as a commercial fisher, including The Hungry Ocean, The Lobster Chronicles, and All Fishermen Are Liars. The Hungry Ocean alone spent three months on the New York Times bestseller list, and her other works have climbed as high as No. 2.

Linda Greenlaw Best Selling Author

Linda Greenlaw is the winner of the United States Maritime Literature Award

Greenlaw won the United States Maritime Literature Award in 2003, the New England Book Award for nonfiction in 2004, and the American Library Association’s Alex Award in 2000.

Linda Greenlaw is a graduate of Colby College

Greenlaw studied government and English while attending Colby College. Linda spent her summers working as a chef and deckhand on the swordfishing boat Walter Leeman to help pay for her college education.

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After graduating in 1983, she kept working for the boat’s owner, Alden Leeman, who hired Greenlaw as a swordfish captain in 1986 when he bought a second vessel. She continued working on the boat during her leisure time and on vacations.

Linda Greenlaw was Hannah Boden’s captain

When the Andrea Gail sank in the Atlantic during the 1991 Perfect Storm in October, Greenlaw was Hannah Boden’s captain. The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, published in 1997, and its film adaptation, in which Greenlaw was portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, both detail her attempts to alert Andrea Gail to the approaching storm. Greenlaw was not only the only female captain of a swordfishing vessel, according to Junger, but also “one of the best captains, period, on the entire East Coast.”

Greenlaw purchased the 35-foot Mattie Belle, a lobster boat, and moved to Isle au Haut in 1997.

She was convicted of the illegal fishing procedure

Greenlaw was found guilty on May 28, 2009, by the Provincial Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, of illegally entering and fishing in Canadian waters. The defense suggested a fine of $50,000 CAD while the prosecution requested a fine of $53,000 CAD. The judge determined she lacked “due diligence” and imposed a $38,000 fine.

Linda is a native of Connecticut

Greenlaw, the daughter of Jim and Martha Greenlaw, was born in Connecticut. Her father worked for Bath Iron Works as the information systems manager.

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She was born and raised in Topsham, Maine, and her family summered on Isle au Haut, a 71-person village off the Maine coast.

Linda Greenlaw has been married to Steve Wessel for over a decade

In 2012, Steve Wessel tied the knot with Linda Greenlaw, a well-known American author and fisherman. As of 2023, the couple is celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Linda fell in love with Steve and felt a strong connection with him. They exchanged vows in September, eight months after their first meeting. At the time of their marriage, Linda was 51 years old, and the couple is happy and content with their union.

Linda Greenlaw Husband Steve Wessel

Steve Wessel is the owner of Wesmac Custom Boats, a highly skilled boat maker residing in Surry, Maine. He obtained his education from Maine Maritime Academy and Brunswick High School and manages to balance his career and family commitments. Born in 1951, Wessel originally hails from Blue Hill, Maine. However, in 1957, his family was relocated to Harpswell when his father, Tilden, joined the Maine Warden Service. Steve’s family had a flourishing business for many years, which inspired him to pursue a career in the same field.

Linda Greenlaw has an adopted daughter with her husband

Linda Greenlaw along with her husband, Steve Wessel adopted a teen daughter at the age of 46. Sarai Johnson, the daughter of Linda Greenlaw, works as a seasoned fisherman. Linda took over Sarai’s legal guardianship when she was 15 years old.

Linda Greenlaw Adopted Daughter Sarai Johnson

The 31-year-old studied at Gould Academy from 2006 to 2010, then from 2010 to 2014, she enrolled at Champlain College to study social work.

Linda Greenlaw’s net worth is measured in millions

According to Fresherslive, Linda Greenlaw has a $5 million net worth. She became prosperous through her businesses and her success as an author. The professional fisher has committed her life to the commercial fishing industry and her work as an ocean enthusiast.

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Through her accomplishments as a writer and a captain, she has also attained national notoriety. Additionally, she has made an impression on TV programs like Dangerous Catch and Swords: Life on the Line.